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Eliminate the Mess With These Tips to Kid-Proof Your Ride

Traveling with children doesn’t have to include endless clutter and a destroyed interior. Here are the best ways to kid-proof your ride and keep your vehicle looking and smelling like new.
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Protecting your car from the kids can be a full-time job. From food and drink spills to exterior damage, you’ve got to be prepared for anything when children are along for the ride.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to help limit the destruction. Below, we’ve got some great tips to keep your vehicle kid-proof and looking like new - with helpful products and intelligent planning, you’ll have everything you need to protect your ride.

Seat Covers Save

While they’ve long been popular with pet owners, seat covers can be a game-changer for parents, as well. You should be able to find brands specifically for your vehicle's make and model to get the best fit. These covers are highly durable and extremely easy to clean, saving the interior of your ride from spills and messes.

Call Your Insurance Agent

If you’re expecting or already have kids and are upgrading your ride, be sure to ask if the new policy includes damage to the interior of the vehicle. If your policy doesn’t cover the interior, some companies will allow you to add a rider for added coverage. Ensuring the inside of your ride is covered by insurance could save you big money down the road.

Mats and Liners

All car owners can find value in adding waterproof or washable mats to the floor of their vehicles, but parents of young kids might need them the most. If your child still rides in a car seat, adding washable floor mats below can save you tons of clean-up time. Companies like Husky Liners and WeatherTech are highly trusted and make durable, waterproof floor mats that can handle any spill. They’re also great for trapping dirt and mud and can easily be cleaned up with a hose.

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Whole Car Protection

It’s not always the interior of your car that can suffer damage from the kids. If your vehicle takes hits from toys, sporting equipment, bikes, or just the children themselves, you may want to invest in a whole car cover. These covers will provide the exterior of your vehicle protection from chips, scratches, and even harmful UV light. If you want to protect your paint job, there’s nothing better than a whole car cover.

Storage Solutions

Most parents know it takes a lot of supplies to keep the kids happy on long drives. With toys, electronics, and snacks, your car can quickly become overrun. Products like this travel tray and other backseat organizers like this kids organizer can keep children entertained on long road trips while storing all of their stuff in one easy spot. From extra snacks to their favorite toy, anything they’ll need is within arm's reach. This will reduce stops along the way and eliminate clutter inside your ride.

Protect Your Glass

Windows are typically the first thing kids can destroy when riding along with you. Whether they have dirty hands or just like to press their face to the glass, your windows can look rough after one trip. Window screens can help eliminate messy windows while providing sun protection for your little ones. Cheap and easy to install, these screens will have your windows looking like new for years.

Plan Ahead

If you’re embarking on a long road trip, it’s important to consider what works and what doesn’t. Choose drinks and snacks that are car-friendly and won’t cause a giant mess when they’re inevitably spilled. If you’ve got a young artist, let them use a computer or tablet to draw instead of tons of crayons and markers. The fewer items they have at their disposal, the less likely a mess will be created in the back seat.

With proper planning and a few accessories, anyone can child-proof their ride. Use this guide before the kids pile in to limit messes and spend more time on the road.

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