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Get Rid of the Grime with These DIY Car Cleaning Tips

Keeping your car clean can be a challenge, but with these simple DIY tips, you can clean your vehicle faster and keep it clean easier.
5-1 Cleaning tips
Don't let the garbage and grim build up in your vehicle. This wil make it easier and faster to keep on top of cleaning.

Tip #1: Get Bin for Your Car

As with everything in our lives, it’s easier to deal with a small problem than with a big one. In the case of your vehicle, it’s much easier to have some regular habits to keep it clean instead of waiting for the issue to spiral out of control. Step one: get a garbage can for your car. Step two: get in the habit of throwing garbage in the bin and emptying it out regularly.

This tip is especially for food or drink. Since our cars can get impossibly hot in the summer and frigidly cold in the winter, it’s prudent to keep perishable goods out of your car as much as possible. It will stop smells and prevent liquids from spilling, drying and making a goopy mess. Canadian Tire offers some great tips too, breaking each part of your vehicle's interior into smaller cleaning tasks.

Tip #2: Stop Windshield Smudging with Rubbing Alcohol

There’s something very frustrating about cleaning your windshield only to have your wipers spread around smudges the second you turn them on. To stop this, use a rag and rubbing alcohol on your wipers. This will help them stick closer to the windshield for a better clean. Other useful tips can be found here.

Tip #3: Fight Vent Dust with Foam Paint Brushes

Foam paint brushes are inexpensive and are perfect for cleaning dusty vents in your car. Start by soaking the brush in a mixture of equal parts warm water and white vinegar. Then, use the brush to clean the space in between the slats. This is especially important to do at the change of the seasons when we switch from heat to AC and vice versa.

Tip #4: Get Rid of Pet Hair with a Squeegee

As much as we love our furry friends, they can also dirty up a car pretty quickly. To get rid of unwanted pet hair on the seats, use a spray bottle to coat the seat with a little bit of water. Careful not to soak the seat. In this instance, less is more. Then, take a squeegee and pull it across the seat, along with any pet hair.

Tip #5: Use Charcoal to Get Rid of Smells

Does your car have a distinctive smell? Sometimes, even after cleaning the smell will linger. Luckily, there’s a simple fix: put an open bag of charcoal in your vehicle for a couple of days. It will soak up the smells and you can still use the charcoal for BBQs later!

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