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Improve Visibility At Night With These Powerful Headlight Upgrades

Improving your visibility while driving in the dark can keep you and others on the road safe. Here are eight aftermarket headlight upgrades you should consider adding to your vehicle.
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Ensuring clear visibility while driving at night is one critical safety measure a driver can take. Between distracted drivers and unexpected animal crossings, keeping your route well-lit can make a world of difference.

Unfortunately, factory headlights can lose their clarity and dim quite quickly. We’ve got some of the best aftermarket headlights to make your travels in the dark as safe as possible. From quality products on a budget to the cutting edge, these headlights will light up the road unlike any others.

H1 HID Kit

These kits from HIDNation contain everything you need to transform your headlights from dim halogen bulbs into high-intensity lights that can be up to three times as bright as your factory bulbs. There’s a search function to find the perfect fit for your specific vehicle, and you won’t have to break the bank for superior lighting.


Auxbeam makes high-end LED headlights that are reliable and resilient. Their H7 F-16 series provides 6,000 lumens. With aircraft-grade aluminum, you won’t find a more durable and clear headlight for less. Auxbeam also sells spotlights and light bars, making them a one-stop-shop for all of your vehicle lighting needs.


Hella has long been popular with the off-roading crowd, making spotlights and light bars that can illuminate trails where lighting is nonexistent. Their HID/Xenon bulbs are also one of the best options for drivers looking to improve visibility at night. Prices vary by vehicle make and model, but there are deals to be had.

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XenonPro LED

You can improve visibility and clarity at night without blinding other drivers with these bulbs from XenonPro. There are customizable colour and brightness options, letting you personalize the look of your ride. Model prices will vary, but expect to pay over $140 for a pair of XenonPro headlights.

Kensun HID

Kensun has a wide variety of conversion kits available, most quite reasonably priced. These headlights use high-intensity lighting that uses 35% less power while still being brighter than traditional halogen bulbs. They’re designed to be dust and shockproof, lasting 5-10 times longer than factory bulbs. Kensun also offers a variety of colour and brightness options, ensuring your night driving needs are met.


One of the most budget-friendly options on the market, OPT7 has LED bulbs for almost any make and model for under $40. You won’t need to be a mechanic to make the switch either, as all of their bulbs are easily installed. Striving for energy efficiency, OPT7 uses low-watt bulbs that can last up to 50,000 running hours. And with a two-year warranty, you’ll have some added peace of mind while traveling at night.

PIAA Xtreme White Plus

The Xtreme White line from PIAA are some of the most trusted bulbs on the road. The crisp white light will illuminate the road like never before, and the heat-resistant quartz improves longevity. Prices vary depending on your specific bulb and vehicle make, but most sets have a mid-range price.

Phillips H7

A long-time leader in all things lighting, Philips makes high-quality bulbs for a low cost. The H7 produces 60% better visibility compared to the minimum legal low beams. These bulbs come with high and low beam settings, and for under $40, there aren’t many economy options that will put out light like the Philips H7. Switching out your factory bulbs is easy with model-specific bulbs.

With upgraded headlights, you can travel at any hour with confidence. Consider swapping out your factory lights for one of these sets to drive safer and always see what the road is throwing at you. And remember to make sure any mods you do comply with local traffic laws.

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