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Products to Protect Your Car from Windshield Damage

It is inevitable, that rock that sails through the air and chips the windshield. That chip, and the crack that can result, is more than annoying. In some cases, it is illegal.
Image by Gerald Oswald from Pixabay

A cracked windshield that impedes safe vehicle operation can get you a ticket. If the damage is very bad, you may be instructed to remove your car from the road until the windshield is fixed. Avoid the stress with these tips.


ClearPlex is a protection film that is optically clear. It won’t impede your vision and it is not a tint. The film significantly reduces cracks, pitting and rock chips. ClearPlex is just one of several protective films on the market. Talk to your local detailing or autobody shop to see what they offer.

Glass Insurance

Your insurance provider likely offers a glass rider. A rider is an add-on that you can buy to customize a policy. Glass insurance is not mandatory but if you frequently travel on gravel roads or behind large vehicles that kick up rocks, it is worth looking into. First, though, compare the cost of glass insurance with the cost of windshield repair. Then decide if a low monthly sum for the premium is your best course of action, or if the cost of repair should be part of your emergency funds.

Proactive Driving

The Internet has a plethora of very helpful tips for avoiding rock chips. This advice includes not following closely behind vehicles, especially if they have four rear tires or is a large truck with no mud flaps. Also, if a road is freshly grated, slow down and maintain space behind the vehicle ahead.

Prompt Repairs

Don’t put off repairs to chips and stars. They turn into cracks, especially when the cold weather comes in (the rapid change in temperature as you warm up your car affects the glass, which can cause small pits and chips to turn into long cracks). If you can’t get to a repair shop right away, you can do a temporary fix. Superglue or nail glue will buy you some time and DIY crack repair kits can be purchased at automotive stores. Remember, however, that self fixes are no match for what the pros can do, and if not done right, that patch can lead to a bigger repair instead of the quick fix available at a windshield repair shop.

Be Safe on the Road

With some aftermarket film, safe driving, glass insurance and places for fast repair, those annoying rock chips can be dealt with. If you do get a chip or crack, take care of it promptly so you, and others, are safer on the roads.

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