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Profile of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado Electric

If you’ve been to the pump lately, you’re probably thinking about how to cut down on your fuel costs. For truck owners, the solution may be coming in 2023 in the form of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV, the all-electric take on the classic pickup.
4-5 Profile Silverado
The next generation of Silverado - 2024 Cheverolet Silverado EV is the all-electric take on the classic truck. Credit: Photo:

Chevrolet rebuilt the Silverado from the ground up, quite literally, integrating a brand-new platform.

Introducing the Ultium Platform

What’s under the hood of the next generation of Silverado? Well, nothing! Because the Ultium platform is not a traditional combustion engine, the front hood is a now another place to store things, just like the back trunk of a car.

If the front trunk is empty, what are the specs? Chevrolet has stated that the dual electric motors will offer all-wheel drive and up to 664 horsepower.

The battery charging the Silverado EV will have a range of over 600 km per charge. They also claim that with fast-charging technology, you can get a 100 km off of just 10 minutes of being plugged in. That means you can go further and don’t have to worry about getting stuck when you got to go.

A Connected Vehicle for the Future

Of course, the battery platform isn’t just moving the truck. It’s also connecting you to an advanced system. The Silverado will use Ultifi, an “intelligent software platform that keeps your vehicle functioning and personalized.” It will provide wireless updates, feature downloadable apps and get new features to improve your experience.

Assisted Driving for a Better Experience

Besides a tough engine and plenty of new features, the Silverado EV will also have the latest in powerful technology to help make the driving experience easier and more enjoyable. This includes features like the assistive technology to help improve turning radiuses and make parking in tight spots a snap.

Probably most exciting for anyone looking at long drives will be the available Super Cruise Driver Assistance Technology. This lets you drive hands-free on over 300,000 km of compatible roads.

Towing and Storage Capacity

As mentioned, the front trunk is yours to use for extra storage. Features like the multi-flex midgate with passthrough lets you fit items over 10 feet while the multi-flex tailgate with load stop will keep things secure.

For towing, Chevrolet has said the WT model will be capable of towing up to 10,000 pounds and hauling up to 1,300 pounds. Between that and the powerful engine, the truck will be able to keep up with whatever you need.

The Next Generation of Silverado

The future of the Chevrolet Silverado may just be in its fully electric alternative. The new features combined with the convenience and reliability associated with the classic pickup are sure to make many people rethink electric vehicles. Look for this model to hit the road next year.

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