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The Best Remote Starters on the Market

Thanks to remote car starters, with a push of a button your commute is warm and toasty.
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Winters in Alberta are cold and miserable and getting into a cold car first thing in the morning is something we all dread. Nobody likes bundling up in the morning, heading out into the bitter wind, turning the key in the ignition praying it will start…. defrosting the windshield and shivering, waiting for the car to be warm enough to drive away. A remote car starter is a better way to start your day. There are so many remote car starters. Which is the best one to buy?

One-way Starters

A one-way starter is the most common type. The range of one-way remote car starters vary from 1,000 feet to 3,000 feet. Distance is one the biggest things to look at when purchasing a one-way remote control.

iDatastart 1-Way Remote Car Starter from iDatalink has the highest ranking on This remote has three buttons for door locks and starting your car. It has a range of 3,000 feet. It is simple to install (although professional installation is always recommended to avoid damage to your car).

The VIPER 4606v is another highly recommended one-way starter. It also has a variety of buttons; it has one intuitive button that can be programmed to find your car using your remote. This is handy when parking at a large mall. The auxiliary button can be programmed to open a hatch or trunk (if the car is designed for this).

Two-Way Remote Car Starters

The cost of a two-way starter is higher than a one-way starter. The biggest difference is that when you push the starter button, it will send a signal to the car to start it. Then when it is started it will send a signal back to the remote to let you know that it has started. Some people ask why this is important. For those who use a parkade or their vehicle is down the street, or park at the mall and you want the car warm for when you are done shopping, it is good to know for sure that your car has started.

The Python 4806P LED 2-Way Remote Start System is one of the best on the market. It has a long range and reliable two-way remote system. It also has built in security features. The Python will ensure your car is secure and warm.

Smart Phone Remote Starters

Smart technology has come to remote car starters. You can now use your cell phone as a car starter. With the right system like Forbes’ top rated Prestige APS997Z, you can lock or unlock and start your car anywhere as long as there is a cell network. Using a smart phone also can enable GPS if your car is missing. With a security system, it can alert you if someone is breaking into the vehicle. The cost can be a downfall as it requires a subscription as well as the cost of the equipment.

There are different styles and brands of remote car starters to choose among. Cost is a big factor when purchasing a starter. Other factors include comfort level with smart phone technology as well as the normal distance of starting your vehicle. All remote car starters should be installed by a professional.

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