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The Best Way to Get WIFI in Your Vehicle

WIFI is a must have these days, but how essential is it to have it in the car? Most people do use it in their vehicles. There are various options for WIFI even in an older car, and these options range from easy and inexpensive to dedicated, reliable and pricey. It all depends on how much it is needed.
3-4 Aftermarket WIFI
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There are advantages to having your own WIFI with you wherever you are, and with so many people working remotely, WIFI in the vehicle is a freedom. Not only can WIFI keep the kids entertained on long road trips, it allows communication everywhere.

Use your smartphone

The easiest and most inexpensive way is to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. Just turn the option on in the phone’s settings and the phone becomes both a modem and router.

No extra hardware is needed, and it is easy to use the same data connection in your car that you use everywhere and always have with you.

This simple solution has a few drawbacks. It’s not the most permanent way or the fastest, and it doesn’t give a top quality connection. It can be hard on your device, too. The phone heats up, the battery drains quickly, and it still uses up the monthly cellular data allotment. It works well when it is just one person using the WIFI for mail and messaging, but harder when sharing with the family on multiple devices.

Dedicated mobile WIFI hotspot

A more reliable way to get internet in your car is to turn the vehicle into a dedicated mobile WIFI hotspot. Plug in a USB device, in this case a wireless internet stick or dongle that serves as a self-contained mobile hotspot, into a dedicated port.

The USB device would have a cellular connection and require its own data plan, but the greatest benefit is that it would let you create a wireless network to which you can attach all your devices. With this, you can turn anywhere you are into an office, a podcast studio, or a classroom.

Give your vehicle a dedicated wireless modem and router with 4G LTE

Install a permanent wireless modem and a router dedicated to the car. This is a great solution if this is the level of WIFI that you need. It is the most reliable method and the most expensive, but it is great if you work in your car and are regularly uploading and downloading large amounts of data into the cloud. It might require some extra installation and equipment, but the car is always connected. The signal is strong and there is no need to depend on public or generic hotspots. You can be your own network and provide your own hotspot for other devices.

New cars today are fully connected with reliable internet access, a powerful connection, and great signal quality. If you have an older vehicle and are not ready to upgrade, talk to dealer or a technician for more advice about adding WIFI.

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