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Top 10 Automotive Industry Trends in 2022

Understanding the upcoming trends for 2022 and beyond as a daily driver can help you better make informed decisions about the vehicle you purchase next.
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Top 10 Automotive Industry Trends in 2022

These trends range from the latest and greatest technologies now available for vehicles and the connected lifestyle, to the growing used-car market. The following are the top 10 automotive industry trends expected in 2022.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

Over the last several years markets have shown a great increase in pre-owned vehicle sales, as vehicles that are more affordable are attracting the eyes of first time car owners, and veteran car owners alike. Vehicles that are just four years old, or even older, still have technologies that interest the modern owner; but these cars can be purchased at a much lower price.

Online Digital Sales

By needing to be more hands-off and socially distant during the pandemic, online sales became commonplace at almost every dealership around, meaning you could more easily shop around at dealerships even more distant to find the exact model you wanted, and quickly get pre-approved financing at the click of a button. During 2022 you should see an expansion of this trend as even more dealerships jump onboard.

Increased Production of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

With set deadlines looming for the conversion of all vehicles needing to become electric, the boost in the electric car market is very apparent. Fuel cells are the next greatest tech in the electric car era, with faster charging times and greater capacity; and 2022 could see a breakthrough in this technology moving forward.

Boost in Digital Technology

Electric vehicles have always attracted the latest in digital technology. In 2022 you should expect even more integrated digital technology in most vehicles improving emissions, and the user experience and control within the growing digital world of electric vehicles.

Connected Cars

Along with the boost in digital technologies comes the increasing connected world of electric, hybrid, and conventional cars alike. In 2022 expect to see increased functionality of digital console displays and wireless connection to the internet in more vehicles, whether it is for diagnostic and auto health data, or interactive map displays, music and other perks.

Shared Vehicles

We anticipate an increase in the availability of shared vehicle plans where two or more drivers have access to a vehicle as a mobility-as-a-service. Booking time periods with a specific vehicle in a timeshare style is a great alternative of the high upfront costs of ownership and maintenance.

Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicles

Companies like Tesla and Google have been doing further road testing with their autonomous vehicles, as are many other companies. The year 2022 could finally see the breakthrough needed to make the technology truly reliable and start the upwards trend to ubiquity, not just in personal vehicles, but the trucking industry as well.

Truck Platooning

Most have heard of drafting when it comes to vehicle physics, and truck platooning is basically the same concept. It has been found that trucks use noticeably less fuel if they drive close behind each other on the road, and increased vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity could see truck platooning a much more common thing in 2022.

Online Marketing

Social media is the place to be when it comes to marketing for any company, and automotive companies have not been blind to this fact. In 2022 you are likely to see many more social media influencers being sponsored by vehicle companies in order to push their latest electric vehicles and digital vehicle technology, allowing vehicle companies to engage with customers like never before.

Technology and Automaker Company Partnerships

As digital technology expands in vehicles in 2022 and beyond, you should expect more partnerships with technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. going forward. Technology companies that specialize in operating systems are particularly needed by automotive companies as they can use the technology company’s expertise to bolster their own in-house software engineers to make safer technology for their vehicles.

In conclusion, 2022 is an exciting year for automotive manufacturers, the technological advances they make in the upcoming year, as well as the systemic changes to their manufacturing processes and vehicle lineups that will define the next decade for the automotive industry.

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