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When You Should Be Calling a Professional Detailer?

There’s a saying out there in the car world about how clean and shiny cars drive faster. Well, as much as a good coat of wax can seem to improve the aerodynamics of your car, that probably isn’t true; however, keeping your car well-detailed actually will go a long way towards keeping it in top performance shape. Why? Because it’s about more than the aesthetics.
3-2 Detailing
The sun can damage and bleach out your paint, too (is your car black or red? Those colours are the most at-risk for fading). Credit: Pixabay

Detailing your car will protect the exterior from damages to the paint and body – and that can significantly prolong the life of your car, as well as the length of time you want to spend driving it. The trick is to make sure you are detailing your car properly, though. A trip through the touch-free car wash simply won’t cut it. You need to be taking your car into a pro if you want detailing that will go the distance with your car.

Why is detailing your car so important?

The paint your car is sporting isn’t just there to make it look pretty. It is specially formulated to help protect the body of your car. Most of your car is made of metal, and when metal is exposed to water and oxygen, it rusts. This is particularly apparent anywhere pieces of metal have been welded together to form the bodyline of your car. Different metals being fused together can create a weak spot. Add O2 and you’ve got a recipe for rust – that’s why your fenders and the bottom of your car usually start to rust first. If you live in a coastal region or somewhere that gets snow, add to that mix the negative impacts of road salt and de-icers.

The paint on your car is there to prolong the life of the body of your car. And when you think about it, you put your paint job through a lot. Have you ever gone for a drive and noticed that your car has gathered some dust along the way? Think about the speeds you are driving: any dust your car is picking up is actually sandblasting your car as you go. The same goes for any of the weather you drive through – snow, ice pellets, hail. Did you know that most rain is a bit acidic? That means it is attacking your paint. The same goes for leaves that land on your car. As they break down, they release acids that can damage your paint. The sun can damage and bleach out your paint, too (is your car black or red? Those colours are the most at-risk for fading).

In other words, you are protecting your car from a lot of damage by getting it detailed, but you can’t just find a cheap product and DIY your way to a perfectly protected paint job. You really need to bring in the experts if you are going to do it right.

Why do you need to call in the pros?

Detailing your vehicle may not seem like much, but it is a complex process. The pros will use a combination of specialized equipment, expertise, and products that may not be available commercially. Further, some products need to be applied properly or they won’t actually help your car. Other products are specially designed for a specific set of circumstances. For instance, not all colours of cars can be treated in the same way. Black cars need their own specialized products to help protect them from fading. Additionally, some car interiors are fabric, and some are leather – these need to be cleaned and cured differently. Finally, an expert will know the advanced techniques that will repair a deeply embedded blemish without making it worse.

Won’t it cost less if I do it myself?

Actually, no. By the time you invest in the products and equipment you would need to do an effective job, and then add in the amount of time it would take you, you’re actually significantly better off hiring a pro detailer. Plus, having the car detailed correctly will protect it, and that will probably save you on a new paint job or some future body work. The savings just keep on adding up.

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