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Library Link: Fundraising smorgasbord at the APL

You’ll be able to purchase Maverick’s amazing doughnuts by Dec. 31, while supporting the Advocates support for APL.
Airdrie’s Maverick Donut Company helping the APL out with delicious fundraiser.

One of the interesting but often little understood facts about public library’s in Alberta is that they are non-profit.

APL is a board-run, non-profit society, provided by the City of Airdrie under the Libraries Act, and is governed by a board comprised of city councillors and volunteers.

Alberta libraries are funded through the local tax base, with additional funding at the regional library system level and by a provincial library operating grant.

This funding provides brick and mortar services, and staff payroll, but everything else required to meet the literacy needs of the communities these libraries serve come from the generous support of local businesses, collaboration with other social agencies, various grants, and from donations given by Albertans.

November has seen a rare alignment of fundraising events at Airdrie Public Library (APL).

The beginning of the month saw a fundraiser through the Advocates for the Airdrie Public Society and the generosity of Airdrie’s Maverick Donut Company.

If you go to our website and scroll down and you’ll see a link to an order page.

Click it and you’ll be able to purchase Maverick’s amazing doughnuts by Dec. 31, while supporting the Advocates support for APL.

Also, at the bottom of our webpage, you’ll see a link for our annual fudge Fundraiser, which ends soon, in partnership with Phil’s Fudge out of Edmonton.

Same webpage, you’ll find a link to Airdrie Day with APL where you can purchase tickets for an exciting hockey game between the Calgary Wranglers and Coachella Valley Firebirds on Jan. 1, 2024. $5 from every ticket will be go to APL.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, our popular annual Adopt a Book campaign launches this weekend.

No matter how you choose to support your library, every donation is appreciated.

To donate, please visit


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