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Nose Creek Players production hits the stage next week

The production is riddled with jokes for both young and old, making it a great event for a family outing. 

Follow Robin Hood on his never-ending quest to aid the needy in what is promised to be a hilarious retelling of the classic tale by Airdrie’s local community theatre company, Nose Creek Players.

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood hits the stage next week at Bert Church LIVE Theatre with some new and some familiar faces among the cast.

What is so special about this play is the humour every actor brings to their role, said vice-president of Nose Creek Players, Mandi Fusaro Smith. It’s not something you see when just reading the script, she added.

“I just told the cast yesterday, ‘I have seen you all perform this multiple times and yet I laugh every single rehearsal,’” Fusaro Smith said. “It just doesn't get old because they continue to bring new things every rehearsal– new funny facial expressions and funny movements and just everything they do is just really unique.”

Fusaro Smith is co-directing with Taylor Amanda Burton for the first time and said it’s been a great process. The two directors have a similar directing style, making it an easy process.

“This cast has been some of the best that I have worked with,” Fusaro Smith added. “They're just so willing to play and have fun together and really support each other, and so it's made for some really fun rehearsals.”

The show follows Robin Hood, the gallant "guy-in-green" (or maybe gal) who people may already know, but the story veers off the path of the well-known tale that has become a classic.

With his Merry Men, Robin Hood encounters a damsel-in-distress, an ever-scheming sheriff, a gold-hoarding, bad-guy monarch wannabe, and a good-natured "Town's Guy.”

The production is riddled with jokes for both young and old, making it a great event for a family outing. 

For the first time, the Nose Creek Players held auditions for every show of the season in September, and held a meet and greet for the cast of The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood in December. Since January, the thespians have been busy perfecting their performance.

“There's a wide range of ages between everybody, which is wonderful because we love to give anybody an opportunity to be a part of the arts,” said Fusaro Smith. “Everyone has connected really well and we get along really well.”

Getting down to crunch time, the cast has been encouraging and supportive, she added, making sure everyone gets their lines down and remembers their blocking.

The community theatre group has been in Airdrie for the last 40 years but was formerly known as Airdrie Little Theatre. Nose Creek Players was officially established in 2011 and continues to be run by local community members.

“Our big thing is advocating for the arts in Airdrie, providing a stage for people to be creative in the arts and we are open for anyone to join us, whether it's acting or producing or just wanting to do props or just wanting to come on the night and help backstage,” said Fusaro Smith. “We're always looking for people to join our group and we want people to join our group because it's a beautiful community that we have.”

Fusaro Smith joined Nose Creek Players around ten years ago as an actor. She then became a playwright and eventually dipped a toe into the world of directing before joining the board of directors.

“It's kind of fun because we want our people in the group to evolve, so if somebody wants to try stage managing, let's try stage managing,” she said. “If they want to try directing, we have a mentor for directing. We want people to try different things.”

Three showings will be held, including May 24 at 7:30 p.m. and May 25 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

More information about the show and tickets can be found on the Nose Creek Players website or at the City of Airdrie website.

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