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5 Things You Must Do in Canmore This Winter

Canmore is a hot-spot for activities in the winter, and many residents are looking for ones that are incredibly fun and safe to enjoy this year.
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There are five things that should be on everyone’s list of things to do during the cold season.


Skiing is an ever popular source of entertainment during the winter months, and the snows in Canmore are perfect for this exciting activity. Skiing is a favourite activity for many Canmore residents, and allows people to enjoy some exercise that the cold often prevents them from getting. While gyms remain closed or have many restrictions due to COVID-19, skiing is an activity that can be done safely through disinfection of supplies and social distance, making it an ideal way for individuals to avoid loss of fitness over the winter. Additionally, skiing is available for single people, couples, and families, making it an easily accessible activity for many people and groups.

Snowshoe Hiking

Many people think that their nice, long walks around the neighbourhood will end during the cold winter months, however there is another option for residents in Canmore that love to walk. Snowshoe walks and hikes can take individuals and small groups along beautiful paths, which is a low-stress and scenic way for residents to get out of the house more during the winter. The fun of wearing snowshoes for the first time shouldn’t be overlooked, and the activity is definitely considered a must for many of those who haven’t tried it yet.

Dog Sledding Tours

Dog sledding is a highly rated Canadian experience that Canmore residents can take advantage of in the winter. It isn’t easy to forget the amazing mountain trails and expert guides, which makes for a unique, thrilling experience. The activity can range from having the amicable dogs go for a slow stroll to having a more adrenaline inducing ride, depending on the individual’s preference.

Fat Biking

There are a variety of trails available for fat biking in Canmore during the winter, which makes it an excellent activity for all skill levels. There are trails such as the Meander Trail, Montane Traverse Trail, and the Alberta Parks Highline trail, which makes fat biking an interesting experience for bikers old and new.

Sample Local Cuisine

During the winter, one of the best things to do in Canmore is to find something warm and delicious to eat. There are a wide variety of diners and restaurants that residents can choose from such as The Sensory & Wit Bar, Rustica Steakhouse, and The Market Bistro which offer customers hearty, hot meals that help to fend off the cold.

Overall, there are lots of interesting activities for residents of Canmore to take part in this winter and remain safe, including skiing, snowshoe hiking, dog sledding, fat biking, and sampling local foods.

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