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Five Things to do Around Alberta This Week - Part XIII

School starts in just a few short weeks and that means countless kids and young adults are getting ready for the classroom.
40 HSG - Five Things to Do Around Alberta This Week Part 13

But even if your school or college days are behind you, there is no need to give up the noble pursuit of education! Whether you are getting ready for back to school or learning from the school of life, here are five things you can do this week to further your education.

Access Courses with Your EPL Membership, Edmonton

Your Edmonton Public Library membership is your ticket to higher education! From resumé writing to ESL pronunciation help, from Gayle Courses to LinkedIn Learning, a lot of these courses can be accessed for free through the portal. Students can also use this portal to access Solaro for the Alberta grades 3-12 curriculum and take advantage of study aids like reviews and quizzes.

Create Classy Cuisine, Alberta

From the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchens in Edmonton and Calgary, chefs provide virtual classes for adults and kids. Expect to pay around $25-$30 per course plus the cost of ingredients (a list is provided for you to go shopping prior to the start of the class. Just some of the dishes you’ll be an expert at in no time at all include cookies and bars, grilled appetizers, and gooey mac and cheese. Visit this link to get started:

Live on the Land, Kikino Métis Settlement

The Hideaway Adventure Grounds is a wonderful place to learn about more about yourself, the land and about Indigenous culture. Here you can enjoy 160 acres of aspen woods and no-frills camping. You’ll have no power, water, or Wi-Fi – rely on the land to provide what you need. For those looking for a bit of an elevated camping experience, wall tents on deck platforms (heaters, beds, and bottled water provided in the wall tents) are available. Add-on activities for a cost include bannock making, Indigenous crafts, Indigenous dance, fire stick making and more.

Learn about our past, Canmore

Canmore Cave Tours has been taking people spelunking since 1992. You can go to Canmore and purchase a tour, or you can visit Rat’s Nest Cave virtually for free at home. Either way you’ll learn a lot about the hidden world inside of this important cave. Rat’s Nest Cave is millions of years old and has more than four kilometres of tunnels, stalagmites, stalactites, and paleontological animal remains. Prehistoric tools found at the site date back about 3000 years, and pictographs remind us all that humans have always had a proclivity for art.

Practice swinging a golf club (and of course, visit a giant thing), Trochu

This list is never complete without a giant landmark to visit and this time you can snap a selfie with the World’s Largest Golf Tee before you learn (or practice) a healthy outdoor sport. The World’s Largest Golf Tee resides at the Trochu Golf and Country Club where golfers and the golf curious have been hitting the greens since 1991. Camping is also available for those that want to make a weekend out of their visit to Trochu.

Nerissa McNaughton is a freelance writer and a contributor to Great West Media. This story was written for the Hot Summer Guide advertising feature. It is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.

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