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Apologies could help council move on

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Dear Editor,

Watching Coun. Jerry Gautreau’s apology at the Rocky View County (RVC) council meeting last week helped restore my faith in politicians. Truthfully, it’s been waning a bit lately, given the recent developments at the County.

But there he was, admitting to his mistakes, promising to do better and vowing to use it as a learning experience. “I let my emotions get the best of me on social media, and I can and will do better,” he said. Now, this is the stuff I can get behind. Who among us hasn’t said something or written an email that we regret?

If only the sanctioned three would show some humility and apologize, as well. We could have moved on from this whole soap opera long ago.

It was revealed in court Coun. Kevin Hanson leaked confidential documents to an outside party. That’s a breach of the code of conduct. So, apologize. Then, they used that confidential information to craft a notice of motion which, again, was a breach, and went on to use derogatory and insulting language about their colleagues in a Letter to the Editor. So, just say you're sorry.

Gautreau rightfully left the group when it was clear they weren’t just questioning the CAO hiring process, but they seemed to have another agenda. That’s becoming more clear by the day with Coun. Samanntha Wright’s actions.

First, she’s accused of pecuniary interest for voting at a public hearing on a land-use decision at which her husband spoke against the applicant, who was her neighbour. Nope, nothing to see here. Then, she is found to not have paid her property taxes in two years in the very municipality she and her group continually sabotage. You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s too bad all of this wasn’t public when they were clamouring for signatures on their petition. What a farce. (Editor's note: Wright's tax arrears were not made public until Jan. 20. The Jan. 8, 2019 council meeting, in which the subdivision Wright is accused of having a pecuniary interest in was presented, was a public meeting. The "Rocky View Weekly" covered this item Jan. 15, 2019 in an article and editorial, and a follow-up article and editorial Feb. 12, 2019.)

Thank you, Coun. Gautreau. If only the other three would follow your example.

Mark Jette
Division 3

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