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Council should be a democracy

Dear Editor,

It appears several of the current Rocky View County (RVC) council members have decided to become dictators instead of councillors.

For example, they quashed a motion by some councillors to create a process document for hiring a CAO. Now, this might not be urgent as we have just hired one, but a) we have no guarantee he will stay for long, and b) the hiring process for the current one was decidedly unorthodox.

Another example is with the aggregate resource extraction policy, which many people worked very hard to create. First of all, they decided to re-invent the wheel instead of making some adjustments as requested by the majority of the inhabitants who would be affected, and now they have cancelled it completely. Apparently, they intend to look at each application, case by case. This does not make sense.

Labelling people "a group of activists" is totally false. I belong to no group and my reasonable request regarding this policy was that set-backs be from the property lines, not from the residence, in case people wish to subdivide in the future. Also, I felt the gravel pits should not be self-monitored. At other times Bearspaw residents have been labelled "NIMBY" and "people who wanted no development," both of which are not correct. Bearspaw residents just want the density to be minimum four acres, or, in the case of a large development, an average of four acres.

Also, the money that was earmarked for an Internet study for high-speed Internet throughout RVC has been re-allocated to the Bragg Creek Connect committee without a vote.

It appears that good sense and democracy have gone out the door, and that several of the current councillors have reverted to the behaviour of the previous council – all of whom were voted out at the last election, with the exception of the current reeve.

I hope they will see sense and start acting on our behalf, not as per their own whims.

Lynn Chambers

Division 8

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