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Good rules serve us all

Dear Editor,

Rules matter. Rules, equally applied to all, provide the order and structure within which we function as a society.

Rocky View County (RVC) Councillors Wright, Hanson and Kissel, along with all the other councillors, initially supported implementing the Code of Conduct. When six of the nine (very independently-minded) councillors reviewed recent facts in detail, likely with legal advice, and decided to address the glaring breach of the Code of Conduct by Wright, Hansen and Kissel, they did what they are required to do and enforced the rules. These rules apply to all councillors. It is not the “tyranny of the majority on the minority,” as Hanson complained in the media. If someone runs a red light and gets a ticket and fine for doing so, it is not tyranny – it is just the rules we have agreed to adhere to for everyone’s benefit.

I hope these three councillors will take Reeve Boehlke’s gracious advice and admit their mistake, apologize, accept the consequences of their actions and move on to the hard work of representing the diverse interests of RVC residents.

Eric Lowther



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