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Sanctioned councillors should resign

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Rocky View County, I am most distressed at the behaviour of my councillor, Samanntha Wright, in addition to councillors Kevin Hanson and Crystal Kissel. Those councillors were elected in the good faith they would respect the Code of Conduct, and conduct themselves accordingly.

It distresses me to no end to see this at the municipal level. We decried our Prime Minister's frequent breaches of conduct at the federal level. We, as a nation, lauded two Liberal Members of Parliament (MP) for not co-operating in this unethical breach of conduct. They suffered the consequences of the Prime Minister's wrath and are now Independent MPs. Yet they, unlike the Prime Minister, can hold their heads high, knowing they can be proud of their honourable behaviour.

I believe the councillors implicated in this offensive behaviour should step down.

Laura Toews



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