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Temporary overpass makes no sense

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Dear Editor,

The province has just funded an “interim” ramp to cross the QE II highway for $10.1 million to be spent over the next two years. That doesn’t cut it MLA Angela Pitt.

The money has to be used now for a permanent overpass, not something that will have to be rebuilt if or when the province decides to fund it. For each year there is a delay, the final cost will be more than if they would build a permanent overpass now. Why save money now when the permanent overpass will end up costing more when it needs to be built later on? It makes no sense.

Neither does electing the same conservative governments over and over again, which refused to fund an overpass for more than a decade. Mayor Peter Brown complained the City has been pushing for an overpass for at least that long, yet nothing was done or planned by the province to help Airdrie. So why did voters put in the same people in every election when they knew the province had no intention of helping the City out?

It’s like knocking on a door over and over again, getting no answer, yet knocking on the same door expecting an answer each time you knock. You know from experience they are not going to answer, yet you keep on trying. That doesn’t make sense either.

This is just one more thing in a long list of broken promises the Kenney government has made, from not touching health care and education funding to raising fees, permits and licenses for everyone. This government is also privatizing nearly everything they can, from health care and diagnostic labs to provincial campgrounds and beyond.

Why re-elect the same people when you know that they will only do the same things, or worse, every year?

Airdronian have only themselves to blame for electing a corrupt government, which has no intention, ever, of helping this city out. They expect us to go to Calgary for everything since we are not much more than a satellite community to the provincial government.

Which brings me to a rhetorical question: why did voters re-elect an MLA who has not been, nor will she ever, lobby or push for this city to be more independent from Calgary and get its own hospital, women’s shelter and other things cities take for granted?

Like I said before, she needs to stop being a bobble head for Jason Kenney and start been doing the job voters hired her for. Temporary facilities are no replacement for permanent ones. They end up costing much more later on.

Ron Roffel

Silver Creek

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