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UCP budget is 'on the right track'


Dear Editor,

In response to your editorial in the Oct. 31 paper, the NDP ran deficits to the tune of $10-billion per year, which is fine for a socialist government, but you cannot “borrow” yourself into prosperity or out of debt.

Unions are the worst organization to comment on government spending because all they want is increases to wages without any consideration for the future. Unions and the NDP believe all income belongs to them – they just let us keep some of it so they can rant and rave when corporations are given a tax break in order to reinvest and hire more people. It also helps with your retirement portfolio since a profitable corporation means better returns on your RRSP. Where did you think that came from? The government?
The UCP is on the right track with an austerity budget since we have a bloated bureaucracy that needs to be trimmed. Becoming a bastion of low corporate taxation is the way to attract business, not tax them to death. When jurisdictions are not favourable to business, they will leave as Encana is doing.

Bill Crawford



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