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Crossfield grows to 2,851

The Town of Crossfield has grown by 203 residents over the past five years according to the 2010 census, up from 2,648 in 2005. “I am happy with that number,” said Councillor Jacky Vang.

The Town of Crossfield has grown by 203 residents over the past five years according to the 2010 census, up from 2,648 in 2005.

“I am happy with that number,” said Councillor Jacky Vang. “We are in a high growth area and with numbers such as this, our community will continue to make ourselves known with provincial and federal government representatives to ensure we receive the funding and attention a growing community deserves.”

Councillor Judi Smith echoed Vang’s comments, adding that the increase will help fuel the retail sector.

“This encourages other businesses to consider Crossfield as a community to grow with,” said Smith.

The census was completed on June 13, and, using the online system developed by the City of Airdrie, gave residents 20 days at the start of the census period in May to respond before numerators hit the street.

The Town reported that 43 per cent of residents responded online, which is similar to the numbers Airdrie and Cochrane saw in their first years using the system.

“I am thrilled with that number,” said Vang. “It shows using this method for the first time was effective and people were receptive to it.”

Smith identified accuracy as the most important advantage of the system.

“When you give people the opportunity to answer questions at their leisure, you are more likely to get those answers,” said Smith.

“We have all received those calls during dinner where the caller just wants a few minutes of our time to take a survey. I know I am far more likely to provide those answers when I can do it when it is convenient for me. I believe the same holds true for the census.”

Council discussed the results of the recent civic centre vote, July 6.

The vote, which was held June 9, saw 473 voters take part.

The most popular choice among voters was the Rocky View Grader Shed location at the north end of Railway Street, with 314 votes.

Council decided the first step in the process will be finding out if any of the existing civic centre designs can be used at this location.

“There has been money expended to look at designs for other potential sites,” said Vang. “As a cost savings measure, council felt by evaluating existing design plans, there may not need to be a new design drawn up.”

Rocky View County allowed the Town to put this location on the ballot providing an agreement be drawn up replacing the space the County’s grader currently resides.

Vang says that the most likely area for the Rocky View equipment would be somewhere near the Town’s operational services shop, in the industrial park.

Town staff have yet to sit down and discuss budgeting, but council says it will be keeping a close eye on the costs of the project.

“As we do not yet know whether the plans we have can be massaged to fit the site the residents have chosen and what level of Green Built standards we will choose, it is still an unknown,” said Smith.

“It is very important to council and to the residents that the civic centre is built with costs at the forefront, both construction and operational.”

Mayor Phil McCracken echoed Smith’s comments.

“The cost of the building will be looked at very closely,” said McCracken.

“We do not want to raise taxpayers rates to build this building.”

An open house concerning the amendment of a land use bylaw for the 160-acre plot of land on the northeast corner of Highway 2A and Highway 574 will be held Aug. 3 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers.

The Town of Crossfield has proposed the plot of land be amended to public service, school and recreation district.

No official plans for the land have been announced but Councillor Jacky Vang says the Town will put aside the land for recreational use.

“Potentially a campground or possibly ball diamonds or soccer fields are some of the ideas this council has discussed,” said Vang.

Airdrie City View Staff

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