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Column: Greetings from the new summer intern

Hi, my name is Cassie Hearn and I am thrilled to be joining the Airdrie City View and Rocky View Weekly as their newest summer intern.

From the shores of ocean-side Newfoundland to skyscraper-filled Calgary, my passion for writing and photography has led me to some interesting places.

Hi, my name is Cassie Hearn and I am thrilled to be joining the Airdrie City View and Rocky View Weekly as their newest summer intern. While I will be returning to Mount Royal University in September for the last year of my degree, I am excited for the opportunity to help tell the unique stories that make this region special.

Although I was born in Newfoundland (and a part of my heart will always remain there), I grew up in a town just outside of Edmonton, called Devon. Growing up in a small town with a population of less than 5,000 people showed me how a community can come together to create a sense of safety and love everywhere you go. The small-town connection and special stories that warm the heart are what inspired me to put my love of writing to practice, helping me create a bond within the community.

I remember growing up and admiring the local paper. At every town event, whether it was a parade or a school production, a local reporter was always there to cover the proceedings. Every Friday, I looked forward to reading the stories and browsing the photos that documented the goings-on of our little community.

Wanting to read the stories even earlier, I started delivering the weekly newspaper, ensuring that I would wake up every Thursday to a fresh stack of papers and read the local news a whole day earlier than anyone else.

This summer, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help create that sense of community in Airdrie, Rocky View County, and all the other towns and hamlets this newsroom covers. Hopefully, my stories and photos will inspire others to get involved with the community.

Along with writing, I love taking pictures. Since the age of 10, I could be found at any family event, shoving my camera into my loved ones' faces while they protested that I had enough photos already. Photos offer an ageless way to convey emotion and help tell a story.

My passions of writing and photography logically led me down the career path of journalism. But what about those interesting places I mentioned earlier? Travelling, (another passion of mine) has allowed me the opportunity to photograph some beautiful places, taking these treasures home to share with my family.

I have travelled all over Canada, (if you haven’t spent an evening wandering the red beaches of P.E.I., I would suggest booking a flight immediately) as well as Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Scotland, and the diverse landscape of Iceland. Hopefully, my travels will take me to Amsterdam this year.

I am thankful for the opportunity to photograph the special charms of Airdrie and the surrounding area. Thank you for letting me grow both my writing and photography skills within your community this summer. I am sure we will make quick friends.

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