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Faith Matters: God has a destiny in mind for everyone

People are often interested in the future. They want to know what their life will be like six months from now. We all want to know that down the road, we’ll be okay. But for the most part, our future is not always clear to us.

People are often interested in the future. They want to know what their life will be like six months from now. We all want to know that down the road, we’ll be okay. But for the most part, our future is not always clear to us. We can make plans, but they are sketchy at best because we do not know what events will change our goals and dreams down the road.

Christmas reminds us of the fact that God has a plan for our lives. We often don’t like it when other people try to plan our lives out for us. Instead we set our own direction, thinking we know what is the best destiny for our lives. This doesn’t make sense when we consider the fact that God, who made us, has the blueprints for our lives already drawn out. They are plans for success. Now, most of us know of God, but not many of us trust Him. But the reality is we are created by God and He has made us all with a unique purpose in mind. He has a destiny for everyone.

We all like to think that our lives have some meaning and purpose, but often on our own, our lives can seem aimless no matter how much we seem to succeed according to the world’s standards. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, had everything his heart desired. He had accomplished as much as any man could accomplish in his lifetime. But when all was said and done, Solomon concluded that everything was just vanity. There was no purpose.

Just think of the Christmas season we’re in. Some have tried to remove the words ‘Merry Christmas’ from this season’s vocabulary. They remove any thought of Jesus Christ coming to this world as a baby. Instead they call it, ‘the holidays.’ What are these holidays we are to be celebrating? I don’t think many know because the purpose, the meaning of Christmas has been removed. Calling Christmas just ‘the holidays’ will only leave us with an empty experience. In the same way, when you remove God from the picture, your life does not have much meaning or purpose. You accomplish things, you seem successful, but deep down you feel empty. There’s a lack of purpose.

At that first Christmas, God had a plan for Mary’s life. He chose her and He created her to become the earthly mother of His Son, Jesus Christ. And what was her response? She didn’t say, “Sorry, I have my own plans for my life. I haven’t got room for this plan you have God.”

No, she realized that God had a purpose for her life and she was willing to do whatever He wanted. She trusted God with her life even though no one would believe her or what the angel told her. How about you? Do you believe that God has made you with a specific destiny in mind? You didn’t make yourself. God made you. He designed you and His plans are better than anything you could ever come up with.

So it stands to reason, that if you’re going to trust anyone with your life, wouldn’t you want to trust your life to the One who made you? The One who created you for a purpose?

Oprah or Dr. Phil may say, “You need to do this and this to find your destiny, your purpose in life.”

The thing is, what such programs do is offer limited success, but we’re still feeling empty, unfulfilled. Why? Because we only find our purpose, our destiny in life when we ask God to lead our lives and then be willing to do as He asks. That first Christmas, Mary knew that faith and obedience are the keys to God’s blessing, so she chose God’s destiny for her life.

You may say today, “I don’t need a Saviour, I can make my own way in life.”

The thing is, if you didn’t need a Savior, God would not have sent one that first Christmas. If God planned way back at creation that we would need one, then we need what He is offering. You see, God did not place you on Earth to live for yourself. He put you on Earth for something much bigger than that. And when you choose His plan, He blesses your life. Even though it wouldn’t always be easy, Mary chose to trust God’s plan. In fact, she was so excited about it, she sang about it. Because she knew God could be trusted.

Guess what? You are left with the same choice. You can leave your life up to chance and hope you make it or you can choose to trust God and His plan for your life? God has given you a free choice, a free will to choose the direction of your life. Doesn’t it make sense to trust the One who created you and has a plan for your life from start to finish? That’s the real reason for Christmas. It’s more than just ‘happy holidays.’

This column was brought to you by Tri-Community Baptist Church, which invites you to a special Christmas Eve service, beginning at 7 p.m. at 239, 9th Street in Beiseker.

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