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Letter to the Editor: RE: 'Don't Let the party (politics) start without you'

One may not like the current provincial government or the UC Party but if they do believe in democracy then accept the government of the day.

Here we go again. This ‘news’ outlet which should be neutral, if given the chance (which is weekly), will pick a socialist/left leaning view over any other. The "Our View" piece of the May 28th edition of the Rocky View Weekly, clearly indicates this again. I will remind the readers that the editors of this publication state the "Our View" piece, that has no name attached to it, is agreed upon by the team of this publication, therefore, is a reflection of the publisher, editor and publication as a whole.

The piece refers to Bills proposed by the current provincial government and alludes they are written, or could have been written with the influence of by the Take Back Alberta (TBA) group. Is this objectively verifiable?  No, at least no evidence to support the claim is provided, therefore it is conjecture based on no evidence other than their own prejudices. 

This is a common theme with socialist leaning groups, the use of misinformation and fear mongering.  This is disappointing, again, by ‘journalists’ who should be neutral, albeit, using the word “opinion” allows latitude.  Nevertheless, one would think the ‘opinion’ would be based on some verifiable facts and an understanding of our parliamentary system.

It is clear the authors of this piece do not understand the difference between Party and Government. Yes, the TBA group may form the majority of the Board members of the UC Party however, a Party has no direct influence on a Government. These are two separate entities. This concept may be difficult for some (frankly many) to understand, which is why the structure of government and the part a Party plays in that should be mandatory in school curriculum. 

Cleary the author(s) of this piece missed that in grade school.

If someone is going to write an article indicating, directly or indirectly, a third party has direct access to government and government policy, that person or persons should provide evidence to support that claim.  Maybe the author(s) are members of TBA  and have intimate knowledge of how TBA may or may not affect government policy.  If so, they should disclose that information, otherwise, what they printed is no more than hearsay. 

One may not like the current provincial government or the UC Party but if they do believe in democracy then accept the government of the day. We all have our say when we vote on election day, until then let the government of the day, govern.  

The only redeeming part of this article was the second last sentence: “…make sure you make your voice heard at whatever public consultation opportunities are offered.” I would add the caveat, do your own research beforehand and don’t listen to outlets like this or social media for that matter to form your opinion and yes, participate after that.

I would add this final point. The survey below this opinion piece asks if Bill 20 is over reaching. This goes to my point of doing your own research.  If you responded to the survey, did you read the Bill? If so, did you understand what was written?   

I challenge this publication to write something positive about the current government…. let’s see if you can do it.  Show us you are objective journalists.

John Douglas,

Rocky View County, AB

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