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Welcoming a journalist into the community


My summer internship at Rocky View Publishing has taught me a lot about journalism and working in a newsroom, but as I return to Mount Royal University in September, the main thing I will take away from my experience is just how amazing and accommodating people can be.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on stories for both Airdrie City View and Rocky View Weekly newspapers. I have met so many nice and kind people, doing amazing things.

Throughout the summer, I wrote more than 100 articles and connected with hundreds of people – discussing themselves, their businesses, their organizations, their fundraisers, their events and so much more. I really appreciate having been welcomed by everyone I reached out to.

I live in Calgary and loved having the opportunity to expand and meet many people in surrounding communities. I enjoyed speaking with every person I interviewed and learned something new each time. Each interview was amazing, and I was shocked by my sources’ eagerness to share and by the delightful responses and comments from readers.

I really appreciate everyone I interviewed for taking the time in their busy schedules to allow me to share their stories. It means a lot when you’re new at a job and everyone is being patient, kind and helpful. As a young journalist, everyone’s kindness has really made me feel like I’ve made a great choice for a career as I enter the final year of my degree.

This summer, I also saw the hard work that goes into producing these newspapers. I really appreciated learning from and watching the staff at Rocky View Publishing as they put together two newspapers each week. The reporters and editors work really hard, and I’m thankful for their patience in helping me.

I learned a lot about interviewing, connecting with sources and telling stories within a community. This experience will stick with me through my final semesters, and I am excited to take back everything I gained and apply it to my schoolwork. I look forward to returning to university in the fall and having the opportunity to connect with more people and learn more about this profession.

As I enter the final weeks of my internship, I am so grateful to have been welcomed into these communities, and I’m excited to see how my conversations and experiences shape me as a journalist, moving forward.

Thank you to my editors, my colleagues, the staff, my sources and to all of the community members that read and engaged with my work this summer.

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