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Kennel owners could face new rules and regulations

What could new rules and regulations around kennel operations mean for local kennel owners in the future?
There are 16 kennels operating in Rocky View County.

Local kennel owners may see some changes in rules and regulations around their operations within Rocky View County (RVC) this year.

There are 16 kennels operating in Rocky View County, offering pet care service to residents, including off-leash play areas, overnight boarding, daycare, breeding, training, and educational classes.

The operation of a kennel requires an approved Development Permit but there are currently no rules or regulations under the Land Use Bylaw, according to RVC.

The County plans to hold a public hearing on June 25 to discuss the implementation of new regulations as part of the Development Permit process.

Public feedback is being gathered through meetings, interviews, and an online survey. Input will be considered alongside functionality and flexibility or regulations, as well as current resources and future uses.

The survey asks respondents whether they are kennel owners, neighbours, or customers, as well as what they look for in a kennel and how far the nearest kennel is located to them. The survey includes a written response area where people can state what they want the County to consider when developing rules.

According to the RVC website, the potential regulations would provide clarity and consistency for existing operations and guide future kennel applicants wishing to operate within RVC.

Regulations may establish a minimum distance for kennel business operations from neighbouring properties or implement screening and fencing solutions for outdoor areas. Council will also discuss whether kennels must develop manure management plans.

All future operations must comply with new regulations.

For existing kennels, contact [email protected] to learn more about your development permit and how these changes may affect your business.

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