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Rocky View County releases first 2022 quarterly councillor financial reports

Quarterly expense reports are additional to the salaries, wages, and benefits received by council members, which is set at $721,900 in the 2022 draft budget document.

In a bid to increase public transparency, accountability, trust, and information access, Rocky View County (RVC) recently posted its second quarterly councillor financial reports.

Last June, RVC’s council decided to begin quarterly reporting of all councillor expenses beginning with the 2021 council term. 

The expense reports are divided into four categories: community engagement, general expenses, training costs, and travel and subsistence.

During the most recent quarter between January and March 2022, council collectively spent $7,012 on travel and subsistence. In the final quarter of 2021 from October to December, council spent $5,448 in that same category.

Travel and subsistence includes mileage for driving to council meetings, workshops, committee meetings, and community events held throughout Rocky View County.

Training cost the county $8,018.29 in the first quarter of 2022, compared to $11,346.34 in the final quarter of 2021.

Training costs during the recent quarter included $5,288.29 in accommodations, mileage, and meals, and $2,730 in conference registration fees. The only councillors with no training expenses in their recent quarter expense reports were Couns. Samanntha Wright and Al Schule.

Under the general expenses category, councillors collectively spent $1,040.13 during the most recent quarter on cellular charges compared to $834.85 for cellular charges in the final quarter of 2021. Only Mayor Don Kochan, Coun. Greg Boehlke, and Schule reported cellular expenses.

No councillor spent money under the community engagement category during the recent quarter. The only councillor who spent money in this category during the final 2021 quarter was Coun. Sunny Samra, for an open house event and meeting with residents.

The recent expense reports ranged all the way from Coun. Wright’s total of $430.05 to Mayor Kochan’s total of $4,879.41, with the average report coming out to approximately $2,296.

Within the 2022 draft budget, $97,900 is allocated toward travel and subsistence, $​​27,000 is allocated toward community outreach and council initiatives, and $28,700 is allocated toward services such as cellphone usage and telecommunications.

These expenses are additional to the salaries, wages, and benefits received by council members, which is set at $721,900 in the 2022 draft budget document.

For more information or to check out the expense reports, go to

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