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Taps finally flowing in Prince of Peace and Cambridge Estates

Long-awaited County water supply now flowing into the Cambridge and Prince of Peace communities

Residents of Cambridge Estates and the Prince of Peace community in east Rocky View County can now look forward to an uninterrupted, high-quality supply of drinking water, thanks to the completion of their recent connections to the Regional County Network. 

Rocky View County (RVC) completed the water line connections and turned on the taps to about 300 households in the Cambridge community earlier this spring. The long-awaited Prince of Peace phase, representing about 175 household connections, was finally completed later this summer. The community celebrated the completion of the project with a valve-turning ceremony on Aug. 29. 

According to RVC, Prince of Peace has relied on hauling in potable water from tanker trucks since 2011 to replenish its potable water supply reservoir. Up to five tanker trucks a day had been delivering potable water to service the estate community’s needs. 

This dependency on trucked water has led to some tensions between community members and County reps in the past – most recently in 2021, when residents expressed concerns about water being drawn away from the community’s limited supply to fight grassfires in the region.

Such concerns are now a thing of the past, according to RVC Division 6 Coun. Sunny Samra, who represents all 500 households in the Cambridge and Prince of Peace areas that are now connected to county water.

“Yes, there were some concerns about the delays about the project,” Samra acknowledged. “There were some misapprehensions, but that is the past. And (now), the end result is we have got water and the project is complete and everyone is happy.”

Samra said he was elated to see this long-standing and much needed infrastructure project completed during his term on council. He ran in the 2021 election on a platform that included seeing the water issue resolved.

“There is a big sense of accomplishment there,” he confirmed. “Everyone is happy and excited. The County is happy because they got the job done, and now it is time to get the revenues back in place. The residents are happy because they are getting a quality source of water, and an uninterrupted supply. So it’s a win-win for everyone, I would say.”

Samra felt the County’s stronger focus on completing these types of projects will also be beneficial to other communities moving forward.

“It is not easy to accomplish these (water and servicing upgrade projects),” he conceded; “especially with the way our residents are located. But with our new CAO on board, who has a lot of expertise in servicing throughout his career, and with the pipes in the ground, I think we have a better vision and a better plan to move forward and keep connecting more and more (households).”

According to County’s 2021 capital budget plan, the Prince of Peace Water Line Extension was projected to cost $4,925,700. 

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