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7 Tips To Help You Get Better Gas Mileage In Your RV

Gas isn’t cheap! If you’re an RVer looking to cut down on your gas spending for your next trip, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.
For better fuel economy, it's best to not let your gas tank get close to empty.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but fuel is pretty expensive. It’s not cheap commuting, let alone taking a long trip. Naturally, your fuel cost will be even higher if you travel long distances in a big rig. So, if you’re planning an RV trip and don’t want to spend your entire budget on gas, we’ve got some simple tips to help you cut down on fuel burn.

Travel Light

As is the case with any vehicle, weight matters. The heavier your load, the more gas you’ll burn. So, not only do you want to shop for a lighter RV, you’ll want to be aware of your overall weight while packing. Things like towing a car, packing heavy things like dirt bikes or tons of appliances, or over-packing when it comes to clothing, food, and other items can really add to the amount of fuel you’ll need to get to your destination. Even though you’ve got a whole RV and not just a suitcase, you’ll still want to pack smart.

Distribute the Weight

Similarly, you’ll want to be conscious of your weight in terms of distribution. Balance the weight evenly on either side of your RV, and pack the heaviest things close to the ground. While this may not completely change the game for your gas-guzzling, every little bit helps. This may be one of those things you need to spend some time thinking about when you’re new to RVing, but it will all become second nature after a while. Soon you’ll be packing like a pro!

Go the Speed Limit

The faster you go, the more gas you use. Be mindful of the speed limit, don’t worry about rushing from A to B, and avoid fast accelerations and breaking. Be aware of keeping a smooth and consistent speed. Lots of braking and acceleration can increase your fuel consumption.

Get Regular Services

It’s essential to bring your RV in for servicing regularly. Of course, it’s the safe and responsible way to be an RV owner, but it’s also an excellent way to optimize fuel efficiency. You might have an issue causing you to burn more fuel than necessary, so get that baby checked out!

Check Your Tire Pressure

Everything counts, and that includes your tire pressure. Tire pressure also contributes to your weight distribution, and tires that aren’t at their ideal pressure can drag, which causes more fuel use.

Don’t Overdo the AC

We know this one might be hard to stomach, but you’ll want to know about your air conditioning use. Using it a lot can reduce your RVs fuel efficiency in a big way. We know there’s nothing better than a perfectly air-conditioned vehicle, but it comes at a cost.

Plan Your Route

Last but not least, plan! If you find yourself getting lost, you’ll cover more ground than needed and find yourself stopping and starting way more than you would if you were going right to your destination. Planning ahead is literally never a bad idea.

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