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Freshening Up an RV with a Coat of Paint

Just like a home, an RV sometimes needs a little freshening up. A little paint can go a long way towards enhancing your summer camping trips.
5-1A - RV Lifestyle Painting the inside of an RV
Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

While it isn’t difficult, painting the inside of an RV is a little different than painting a room.

Here are a few tips to make sure your RV facelift looks great when you are finished.

Paint Colour

Take care in choosing a paint colour. Pick up a few paint chips and tape them up on the wall of the RV. Most RVs lack in natural light so it is important to check that the colour is going to look great inside.

Also make sure that the wall colour will look good with the other features of the RV that will not be replaced like cupboards, flooring and chair coverings.

Don’t forget that dark colours will make the space feel even darker while very light colours may be harder to keep clean at the campground.


Most interior walls in RVs are made of vinyl, wood veneer or a combination of the two. Paint doesn’t always adhere well to these materials, so it is important to use the right type of primer. Specialty primers are available that are made specifically for helping latex paint adhere to vinyl or veneer. Any paint store should be able to recommend the best type of primer for an RV.


Vinyl and veneer walls will need a light sanding or scuffing over the entire surface to help the primer adhere to the surface.


All dust and dirt build up will need to be cleaned from the walls before painting begins in order to achieve the smoothest results possible. Consider thoroughly cleaning with a degreaser product to make sure the primer is going to be applied to a clean surface.

Tape and Protect

Carefully tape off the walls that are to be painted and protect the surfaces with drop cloths.  Don’t forget to remove the painter’s tape just after the paint has dried to the touch. This usually only takes a few hours. If the tape is left on for too long, it can become very difficult to remove and end up ruining all of the hard work.


Open all the windows and to get as much ventilation as possible while painting. Some particularly stuffy RVs might need a fan going while painting to avoid excessive fumes.

Painting all or even just some of the walls in an RV can really give the space a new brightness without much effort or expense. Depending on the size of the RV, most interior paint jobs will only take a day or two to complete. With just a little bit of prep and a simple coat of paint, any RV can be easily refreshed in time for this summer’s camping season.

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