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Now Is The Time To Plan Your RV Renovation, Here Are Some Ideas

While it may be too cold to start a DIY RV project now, it's the perfect time to start planning. Here are some RV renovation ideas to get you started!

Looking to upgrade your RV for the upcoming camping season? Excellent! The best time to dream up your projects is the winter. You can plan them, start budgeting, and even buy the materials. Wintertime isn't ideal for renovating your RV because it's so cold. If you don't have a large garage or indoor space to use for your project, you'll need to wait until the spring. But the time for planning is now. Here are some DIY RV projects that might be the perfect idea for you!

Install New Shelves & Cabinetry

It's wild how much of a difference some updated shelving or cabinetry can make. RVs are notorious for having old-school finishings, so this is an excellent opportunity to add a modern flare, a little pop of colour or style, and some of your personality. You don't have to gut the place. You can make additions. If you're feeling ambitious, you can go for the total overhaul! You can dive in now and start looking for sales, ideas, contractors, or some tutorials if you want to do it yourself.


This one may not fall into the category of renovations, but it sure can make a difference to the interior of your RV. Even better, you can do this at any time of year. Take your time, keep an eye out for sales, plot it all out, and figure out the tiny details that could elevate your RV lifestyle. New travel kitchenware? New throw pillows and blankets? Art? These little touches can make a world of difference.

Replace the Windows

Here's a bit of a project. Replacing your RV's windows is certainly not something you should do when the weather is poor. But you can order your supplies and lay out your plan of attack while you wait for the sun to come out. Replacing windows can change the whole vibe of your RV while also enhancing fuel efficiency, air-tightness and utility cost.

Install Upgraded Appliances

Nothing says "upgrade" like new appliances. While preparing for the RVing season, consider if there's anything you'd like to replace with a shiny, new option. A new fridge? Stove? Sink? You be the judge!

Upgrade Your Tech

Another thing that can make a huge impact is upgrading the tech in your RV. For example, our speaker system, TV setup, internet connection, smart home capabilities, outlets, etc. An enhanced technical system can change your life if you've got an older unit.

Paint Your Finishings

If you're hoping to keep it simple with a DIY project that will significantly change your RV interior aesthetic, painting the trim and cabinetry will do the trick. Why don't you start picking your colours and making a plan? There's no time like the present!

Upgrade Your Walls

Similarly, painting the walls will completely change and update your RV's interior. The great thing about new interior paint is that you can always change it again if you get tired of it. If you're looking for something bold, consider peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Replace the Flooring

If you're on a roll with the aesthetic changes, a larger but incredibly impactful renovation you can do is replacing your flooring. If you've got ample space, you might require a professional. If not, there are tons of fantastic DIY options to choose from.

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