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Airdrie Hypnosis: An Effective Way to Achieve Personal Goals

Weight loss. Quitting smoking. Manage your stress. Becoming more confident. These are common – and very healthy – goals… that many fail to achieve despite their best efforts. If you are struggling to reach a goal, consider doing something new: hypnosis.

Daralee Dobovich is the founder of Airdrie Hypnosis. Returning to the community she grew up in she is happy to offer a service that inspires and empowers her clients who are working hard on beneficial goals.

“About four years ago while attending a women's empowerment seminar, I met a hypnotist,” Dobovich explains about how she got started in the practice. “After a 20 minute group session, I started to look at things a different way.”

Her experience led her to seek training at the Canadian Hypnosis Academy.

“It was amazing to see the transformations of people that wanted to change by quitting smoking, losing weight, learning strategies to reduce their stress, build confidence and so much more,” she says.

Airdrie Hypnosis opened in February of 2021. Free screenings are part of the process to determine if hypnosis is the right choice for the individual.

How does it work? Dobovich dispels some common myths about the process, “Hypnosis is not something that is done to you, it is something you control and do for yourself. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is 100 per cent safe and you are always in control. People are naturally in a state of hypnosis at least twice a day. The consulting hypnotist is your guide to motivate and encourage you through positive suggestion, guiding you towards the goals you set for yourself.”

She provides an example, “Do you remember the ABC song? Do you remember how old you were when you learned it? Chances are you were very young and one of your parents or siblings helped you learn your ABCs. It was someone you were comfortable with and could focus on their voice; someone that repeated it over and over, making it fun to learn or repeat back, maybe praising your efforts. That's hypnosis! Relax, fixate, repeat.”

The process is similar for achieving goals.

“Imagine seeing yourself smoke free, hearing yourself breathing easier, feeling the energy increase as your lungs and heart work more efficiently. Imagine yourself at your goal weight, hearing the compliments of your achievement, feeling the ease of movement. Hypnotic suggestions are defined by the goals you set for yourself. Hypnosis is an adventure where you can discover skills you have always had but did not know how to use.”

Airdrie Hypnosis offers in-clinic and Zoom sessions.

“Some people prefer clinic sessions; stepping out of their home environment is part of their break from daily routines. For others, using Zoom is easy. You are emailed a link and you click on it, bringing you to your session. You can relax in your comfy chair under your favourite blanket in your home. Both methods are equally effective for hypnosis,” says Dobovich.

As an active community partner, Airdrie Hypnosis has offered stress release session gift certificates and other donations to local fundraisers. Dobovich encourages non-profit fundraiser organisers to get in touch when planning events.

She concludes, “We are looking forward to continuing to assist people and help them focus on self care in a relaxed and safe environment. If you are interested in booking a free screening, call or text 403-888-2472.”

Learn more about Airdrie Hypnosis online or on Facebook.

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