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Precision Motor Worx Offers Payment Plans On Vehicle Repairs

When Shahraz Cokar opened the doors to Precision Motor Worx five years ago, he didn’t want to be just another auto repair shop. He began looking around Airdrie to find out what gaps existed in the community that needed to be filled.

He began with services he believed were in short supply. Although his shop provided all of the necessary services many other automotive shops offered, he decided to concentrate on services that were somewhat niche but also necessary in a growing community. He made significant investments in equipment that allowed him to do salvage inspections and out of province inspections on vehicles. He raised the profile of Precision Motor Worx to become a trusted fleet maintenance shop as well.

As the economy turned, he realized people were ignoring regular maintenance on their vehicles so as to direct their limited income towards other family and household needs.

“It’s so easy to ignore a sound your car makes or a slight pull in your alignment," Cokar said. "But those little issues can quickly become big issues that are a danger to you and your family. At best, you might end up broken down on the side of a road, but at worse, you could find yourself in an accident”

Cokar began to look for a solution and decided to find a way for people to finance their repairs.

“When people let little things go, those little things become much bigger things," he said. "They might be trying to save money, but bigger issues are almost always more expensive to repair.”

With Covid-19 leaving so many people with tighter budgets, Cokar decided to put his idea into action.

“We now offer financing for vehicle repairs,” Cokar says. “There’s no excuse for someone to be driving in winter conditions on summer tires or worn all-seasons. They can get their vehicle fully winterized and add some good winter tires so they don’t have to risk their own well-being or the well-being of their families every time they have to go to work or shopping for groceries. We will finance any work that people need that keeps them safe on the roads."

Cokar said financing is available for any kind of mechanical work, tires or even windshields. No credit checks are needed.

“We do the work you need, fill out a little paperwork so that there is a payment agreement and we hand you the keys to your car, running properly and safely,” Cokar said. “We have some people paying as little as $85 a month – depending on payment agreement – and we can finance up to $10,000 in repairs. There is no reason for anyone to have an unsafe vehicle. People already have enough to worry about; the safety of their vehicle shouldn’t be one of them.”

Cokar added he can offer extended warranties on maintenance work he performs, which can be included in the financing of repairs. For more information on how to get your vehicle repairs done on a payment plan, visit Precision Motor Worx at Bay 9, 25 East Lake Circle, N.E. in Airdrie or call 587-600-3635.

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