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Skyway Grain Systems: Grain Handling Solutions

SPONSORED CONTENT – Among Skyway’s services and products, grain handling solutions form a large part of the company’s identity. It’s not hard to see why!

Located in Airdrie, Alberta, Skyway Grain Systems is a second-generation family business that has been providing innovative grain handling solutions since 1986. Founded by Ellwood Sawby, a farmer with a deep passion for the agriculture industry, the company serves a wide range of clients, from small family farms to large grain elevators and commercial feed mills.

Skyway Grain Systems offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your grain handling and storage needs. These include grain handling design, monitoring, and spouting accessories. Their experienced team is committed to delivering projects in a professional and timely manner.

Among Skyway’s services and products, grain handling solutions form a large part of the company’s identity. It’s not hard to see why! With top-name brands such as Springland Mfg., Sukup®, Lambton, and RAD, the quality of each grain handling product is assured.

From their location in Airdrie, Alberta, some of Skyway’s grain handling solutions for Western Canada include:

Bucket Elevators

  • Lambton, a renowned name in the grain handling industry, has secured its position as Canada's premier manufacturer of high-quality galvanized bucket elevators. With roots dating back to the 1970s in Southern Ontario, Lambton has consistently demonstrated its commitment to quality and precision. Leveraging CAD-design and CNC production, the company ensures end-to-end consistency and precision in every piece of equipment it produces.
  • RAD Bucket Elevators are meticulously crafted with high-quality components to deliver reliability and maximum throughput while preserving grain integrity. Each system is designed to operate efficiently, providing a trustworthy solution for your material handling needs.
  • Sukup Bucket Elevators provide ample capacity for expansion while ensuring reliability. Equipped with UHMW seals on all shafts, durable rubber belting, and heavy-gauge trunking, these elevators offer robust performance. Sukup offers a range of options tailored to various commodities, enhancing their versatility and applicability.

Chain Drag Conveyors

  • Lambton continues to be a trusted name in the grain handling industry, offering a comprehensive range of conveyors tailored to various applications in both farm and commercial grain handling systems. Their Level Chain Drag Conveyors are particularly noteworthy, capable of handling capacities up to 30,000 bushels per hour (762 metric tons per hour).

Round Bottom Drag Chain Conveyors

  • Lambton provides a series of round bottom drag chain conveyors with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 Bushels/HR. These conveyors are designed to facilitate superior cleanout processes, catering to diverse agricultural and industrial applications.

Incline Drag Chain Conveyors

  • Lambton offers incline drag conveyors, also known as midpan or hy-flight conveyors, designed to convey grain on inclines of up to 45 degrees, exceeding the standard 10-degree incline of a typical series conveyor. This capability makes them ideal for scenarios where higher incline capacities are required, providing a versatile solution for grain handling operations.

Incline Round Bottom Drag Chain Conveyors

  • Another product from Lambton, round bottom drag conveyors are designed to operate horizontally or at inclines up to 45°, and in some cases, up to 60°. They are ideal for conveying grain from pits to legs, underground, or overhead, wherever high capacities are required. These conveyors consist of evenly spaced rounded or rectangular flights mounted on a continuous chain that travels around a drive and a tail sprocket.

Double Run (Cannon) Chain Conveyors

  • The Lambton Grain Cannon serves as a versatile conveyor, employing galvanized tube housing to convey material at inclines of up to 60 degrees. It is often utilized in scenarios that historically required an auger or drag conveyor. This innovative solution brings benefits such as reduced horsepower requirements and minimized damage to the grain, surpassing traditional augers. With allowable clear spans of up to 52 feet, Grain Cannons can eliminate the need for catwalks typically associated with traditional chain conveyors.

Level Drag Conveyors

  • Sukup's Level Drag Conveyors are crafted from heavy-gauge, galvanized steel, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and durability. These conveyors offer customization options to suit specific operational and material handling requirements, providing a tailored solution for diverse needs.

Hy-Flight Drag Conveyors

  • Sukup's Hy-Flight Conveyors are the ideal solution for inclines greater than the 10 degree limit of straight drag conveyors, with the capability to operate at inclines up to 50 degrees, providing versatility for various material handling needs.

Double Run Conveyors

  • The Sukup Double-Run Conveyor offers a versatile alternative to roof augers, transfer augers, dryer take-away augers, and permanently installed transport augers. Its compact design enables smooth and quiet operation with minimal maintenance. This conveyor minimizes grain damage compared to portable augers, providing enhanced efficiency and economy for similar capacity and length requirements.

Chain Loop Conveyor

  • Sukup's Chain Loop Conveyors offer a comprehensive solution for filling, unloading, blending, and transferring grain in a single operation. The adaptability of Loop Systems makes them suitable for integration into existing sites or as part of new facilities.

U Trough Powersweep Flat Bottom Bin Unload

  • Springland's U-trough unload systems have established a benchmark in high-capacity, top-quality unloading equipment. With ease of installation, premium materials, and a proven design, these systems have been the preferred choice of satisfied customers for over 35 years, setting them apart from the competition.

Commercial Electric Sweep – Zero Entry

  • Springland pioneered the introduction of a bin sweep capable of enduring the substantial grain loads found in large grain terminals with the 6025 Series Commercial Electric Sweep. This series continues to deliver exceptional durability and user-friendly operation, maintaining its position as an industry leader.

Skyway Grain Systems continues to lead the way in providing effective and efficient grain handling solutions. With their extensive range of grain equipment and commitment to excellence, they are the go-to choice for grain handling in Western Canada. For more information or to request a quote, visit Skyway Grain Systems today.

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