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The Yoga Junction: A Safe Space Where You Belong

How does The Yoga Junction stand out as a studio? Jacobs is happy to explain, “We welcome everyBODY and encourage you to show up as you are.

During International Women’s Month, AirdrieTODAY is celebrating women that are making a difference in our local business and community landscapes. Meet Jessica Jacobs from The Yoga Junction.

Jessica Jacobs, President and founder of The Yoga Junction, held her first women’s retreat in 2020, opened the studio’s doors in 2021, and officially became an accredited Yoga Alliance school in 2022. Patrons flock to her popular studio to take part in a variety of classes and wellness activities.

Jacobs says, “We offer a variety of classes including flow, restorative, stretch, plus size yoga, prenatal yoga and yoga therapy. We also offer trauma-informed somatic healing, kundalini yoga, workshops, retreats, 200 hour yoga teacher training, continuing education courses for registered yoga teachers, and wellness practices such as restorative reiki and sound baths with crystal bowls and gongs.”

How does The Yoga Junction stand out as a studio? Jacobs is happy to explain, “We welcome everyBODY and encourage you to show up as you are. You don’t have to know yoga or do yoga to practice here! We are a safe space to explore, learn and grow what your yoga practice means to you. We are built on the foundation of inclusivity and diversity and with that comes connection and community.”

She is keen to put common misconceptions to rest.

“Our biggest challenge is overcoming the misconceptions about yoga that our western world has created. Unfortunately, we live now in a world that has made yoga out to be an elite fitness regimen, not necessarily a wellness practice. That has left a lot of people feeling like they aren’t able to try yoga. So many of us suffer from mobility struggles, whether it’s due to body image or accessibility, injury, illness or even anxiety and emotional wellness. So, gathering the courage to go into a space that seems to only embrace a certain body type that can perform in a certain way has hindered so many from benefiting from what yoga has to offer us all.”

She encourages everyone to give yoga a try.

“Yoga inspires everyone, not just those who identify as women. Yoga is so beneficial for all ages and all activity levels because it is about creating space, not just in our bodies; but for all of us to learn more about ourselves. To create space for ourselves where we can learn to let go of our expectations and judgements, to learn why we are who we are or why we choose what we choose. It is a practice that can offer flexibility of both the mind and the body. It is our prescription for living with less suffering.”

Everyone at The Yoga Junction practices this principle and it is evident in their community involvement. Jacobs and the team support organizations that are aligned with their philosophies of inclusivity, diversity and accessibility. Some examples are Community Links, The Airdrie Food Bank and Airdrie Pride.

“We also have a scholarship fund that subsidizes memberships, programs, workshops and retreats for those facing financial challenges,” Jacobs adds.

For International Women’s Month, she reflects on being an entrepreneur.

“Being a woman in business is an opportunity for me to set an example for other women, not just regarding running a business itself but also as a peer. It’s an opportunity to share that ‘the Jones’ are not worth keeping up with; that we all face challenges at some point, and that some people just hide it better. That we can’t always ‘have it all together.’ That balance is unrealistic. Balance means ‘evenly distributed’ and there will be some days that things are going great and some days where things are not. I think if I can create safe spaces to talk about how that it is all okay, then that’s what being a woman in business means to me.”

The Yoga Junction is a safe, empowering, inspiring space for all. Learn more online and on social media (@TheYogaJunction).

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