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Alberta Seniors Benefit: Who Qualifies, What are the Benefits, the Help Available

The Alberta Seniors Benefit is a financial assistance program available to many seniors.
Alberta Seniors Benefit helps low-income seniors live comfortably. Image Credit: Pixabay

The Alberta Seniors Benefit is a financial assistance program available to those over the age of 65. This benefit is a monthly payment to help seniors cover the cost of living. There is also a Supplementary Accommodation Benefit available to those in assisted living or long-term care facilities. Read on to see what the benefits are and if you qualify.

Who Qualifies?

In order to be eligible for the Alberta Seniors Benefit, there are a few requirements. The recipient must be over the age of 65, a resident of Canada and lived in Alberta a minimum of three months. You must be receiving the Old Age Security Pension from the Government of Canada and meet all financial requirements. Eligibility is determined by income, marital status and type of accommodation.

Determining Eligibility

Income is a factor in determining eligibility. In order to receive the benefit, single applicants can make up to $29,630. For couples, this amount is $48,120. The amount you receive is determined by your taxes from the previous year. Total income minus allowable deductions is used to determine eligibility. If you choose to apply for the Supplementary Accommodation Benefit, it will depend on your personal income, the maximum cost of accommodation and a minimum monthly disposable income of $322. The Alberta Seniors Benefit and Supplementary Accommodation Benefit will be combined into one monthly payment.

What Are The Benefits?

Seniors who qualify will receive a monthly payment to help with living expenses. If you cannot live on your own and require assisted living, the Supplementary Accommodation Benefit will provide additional financial support. This payment can help with expenses related to health care and accommodations. If you are not eligible for OAS, but require supportive living, you will still be considered for the Supplementary Accommodation Benefit.

How to Apply

There a few different ways to apply for the Alberta Seniors Benefit. Applying is quick and easy through the online portal. If you would rather fill out a paper application, you can also download the form and send it through mail or fax. Documents required upon application include income information, direct deposit information and one piece of identification.

Benefits will end a month following the recipient’s death or if you permanently leave the province or country.  Retroactive payments are available up to 11 months before application but not before your 65th birthday.

The Alberta Seniors Benefit is designed to help low-income seniors cover the costs of living. There are other assistance programs available to seniors who are eligible. These benefits help seniors live comfortably and stay healthy.

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