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Hobbies for an Active Lifestyle

Retired and looking for ways to fill your time? Try these active and engaging hobbies.

Hobbies are activities that can reduce stress, help you form social connections and enrich your lifestyle. When retired and looking for ways to fill your time, check out these options.

Antiquing and Collecting

What generally is known as an antique should have a history of about 100 years. To gain knowledge of antiques does require some research but there are books, websites and local experts who have knowledge of items’ history and value. Read up and then go on outings with a reasonable knowledge of what is authentic and what is fake.

Antiquing can be a fun activity and very rewarding, but in your search you may buy non-traditional pieces simply because you love them. There are so many things to collect that can match your passion – vintage toys, rare books, stamps, coins and even comic books. There are many venues, boutiques and thrift stores where some priceless relics can be found for any collector.


You have done crafts with your children years ago and remember the good feelings of having created something special. Some crafts can be done quickly while others may take days to finish. You will be able to stand back and with a sense of accomplishment, admire your creation.

Maybe you have always wanted to knit practical items for your grandchildren; a fun idea would be mittens. You look around at times wishing you had more flowers in the house; by making them you can enjoy them all season long. You want to learn to paint? There are many ways to create a picture worthy of hanging on any wall.

To get your creative self more active, find a DIY project.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a wonderful hobby that you can do alone or go with a group of friends. Start seeing how many birds you know and how many are new to you. Keep a record book and list the birds you have seen in your own backyard, neighbourhood and your nearby parks.

Morning is a good time for bird watching. This is when birds tend to move about more, looking for energy-giving food.  Get a book with pictures of birds and their habitats to increase your new bird watching hobby.

Hobbies are leisure activities that can propel you into a wonderful world of new discoveries. Now that you have time, what will you enjoy doing the most?

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