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Canuckle: The Canadian Version of Wordle To Keep Your Mind Active

Word games are a fun and easy way to keep your mind active and sharp. If you like games like Wordle, check out its Canadian counterpart, Canuckle.
7-1 Canuckle
For mental exercise, give Canuckle a try. Credit: Pixabay

Keeping the brain active and sharp isn’t always easy these days. With work and other distractions, it is understandable that most people just do not have the time to do things that keep their minds turning. It takes away from their free time, which is already in short supply. Instead of coming home and reading, taking an online course, or learning a new language just for the sake of learning, people would much rather just come home, play games, browse social media and sleep, before they must repeat the day's routines again.

However, nothing beats the competition of one's favourite game after a long day! Competitive games, even when competing against one’s self or an app, can be fun and highly addictive. But addiction is bad right? Well, not if the addiction is to something that's good for the mind! I mean, nobody is going to be hosting a support meeting for me and my avocado and spinach smoothies! That’s why interactive games, such as word games like Canuckle, are perfect for the busy person on the go. Who doesn't love playing competitive games, and who doesn't love an extra little health benefit thrown into the deal?

Why Word Games like Canuckle are so Popular

Researchers discovered that people over 50 who regularly engage in word games like crosswords or numerical puzzles like Sudoku are more adept at activities requiring memory, thinking and attention. According to their findings, most consistent word game players have brain function comparable to those who are much younger, So, playing games can benefit your brain health in addition to giving you a fun way to interact with friends and family.

Can Canuckle Help Prevent Alzheimer’s?

A WebMD article by Annie Stuart (and medically reviewed by Christopher Melinosky, MD), discovered something very interesting. “Exercising the mind delayed declines in thinking skills. After people started having Alzheimer's symptoms, though, mental decline sped up in those who kept their minds engaged. It's possible that being mentally active bolstered the brain at first, so symptoms didn't show up until later. The silver lining here? People who regularly challenge their minds may spend a shorter part of their lives in a state of decline, even if they do get Alzheimer's.”

Take Main Away

So playing word games every day isn't going to automatically turn the mind into that of a genius, but it can be a fun and quick way to keep the brain active especially when there's not enough time in the day to do other tasks like learning a new language or hobby. Whether it is for fun or for mental exercise, there is no reason not to give Canuckle a try.

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