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Plants are Good for your Physical and Emotional Health

As you grow older, your physical agility may begin to decline, which in turn can affect your emotional balance. Stress and anxiety are often the two main factors in the driver’s seat, so what can you do to give yourself more motivation for your health?
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Let’s explore what plants can do and some major benefits they provide.

Stress, Anxiety and Nature

Indoor plants need attention, just like you need attention to take care of yourself. When you see healthy plants everyday around you, it produces a calm space causing you to feel more relaxed.

As you get up each morning and look at your plants, you are actually increasing your memory and concentration. After all, looking after plants is simple, and relaxing and puts you in a comfortable place. Being surrounded by greenery, watching the plants grow, and seeing how they continually reach out to the light directly boosts well-being.

Plants will, everyday, remind you of having a connection to nature. Getting your hands dirty by working with soil, touching the plants and even smelling them are all stress-reducing actions that creating a calming effect. Plants can also improve air quality, helping you breathe easier.

Plants for You!

To choose houseplants that work with your lifestyle, talk to a professional at your local garden centre. Some plants need more care than others.

Here are two plants that may suit you and your lifestyle:

  • Aloe vera has benefits that everyone could use! They are easy to look after and you can cut off leaves to help burns and cuts. This plant will also help take out some harmful chemicals from the air. So, a good place for this plant would be the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Peace lilies can help you to flourish. They are a symbol of tranquility. This plant can balance your space and it doesn’t need direct sunlight.

Outside Gardening

Gardening outdoors or having a container garden on the balcony is beneficial too. With gardening, you will develop new skills, techniques and even learn about flower or herb arrangements.

Physical activity is always necessary, but add enjoyment and you’ll soon have a sense of accomplishment and a greater sense of self-worth as your fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables flourish.

Nature is here to help with our physical and emotional health. Plants and gardening help relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

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