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Trending Weekend Getaways for Seniors

When we think of seniors, often we have the wrong perception of them. Seniors are active and are out to enjoy life to its fullest! After retiring, the world is their oyster and there are so many things to enjoy.
4-4 Travel to connect
Trending getaways are a great way to reconnect with a companion and friends.

Weekend getaways are a great way to get out and reconnect with your companion or spend time with friends. There are many trending getaways for seniors.

Free Bird: an Airbnb for seniors

In 2018 prior to the pandemic, Airbnb reported that seniors were the fastest growing demographics using their services. In 2022 there are commercials aired targeting senior citizens to use this service. This is a new trend for many seniors; get out of the home and spend a weekend in another city to see the sights and hear the sounds of somewhere new. There is no hassle with hotels and it is more comfortable, like your own home. Go to Edmonton to spend the day at the mall and enjoy shopping from stores around the world and find your favourite foods in one of the many restaurants. Or go to Calgary and enjoy the zoo or the stampede. After a full day exploring, it’s back to a home for a meal and rest. Airbnb, unlike a hotel, can have kitchens and bedrooms for everyone in your travel group.

Canadian Rockies

The mountains have something for everyone for all seasons. During the winter, travelling to the Rockies means winter sports from downhill skiing (and for those who need less fear of barreling down a mountain with sticks on your feet) to snowshoeing or cross country skiing. During the summer months, enjoy walking trails through the mountain scenery. Then head back to a camp spot like William Watson Lodge. This lodge designed for seniors and for people with disabilities, has all the accessories to make sure your weekend gateway is enjoyable. 

Rent a unique cabin

Tenting and RV travelling may not suit all seniors, especially for a weekend getaway. There are unique cabins throughout Alberta that have a special feeling to them, making a weekend different than any other. Caboose Cabins by Aspen Crossing is one of the most unique trendy places to stay. These retired CPR cabooses are sitting on rails to be rented. Although it is historical on the outside it still has modern amenities. For those who want a more fantasy style getaway, Crowsnest Pass has Midsummer cottage. These cabins are designed after Midnight Summers Dreams.  It will keep you warm in the brisk air and have a fantasy feel. There are many unique cabins throughout Alberta to enjoy.

The golden years were not meant to be sitting on a couch watching television. Finding trendy getaways to enjoy with your friends and loved ones brings new energy and rejuvenates life.

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