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Beyond Homebuilding
Mattamy Homes Creates Communities

In the world of home construction, it's easy to reduce the process to bricks and mortar. Yet, Mattamy Homes has consistently demonstrated that building a home is more than just building structures.

Through a thoughtful combination of amenities, Mattamy Homes creates communities where residents thrive, connect, and enjoy a quality of life that extends well beyond their front doors. Examples of this are seen in the pump track at Southwinds in Airdrie and the temporary basketball court at Cityscape in Edmonton.

Southwinds is committed to active living, encouraging residents to engage in physical activity and outdoor fun. The pump track, a circuit of rollers and banked turns designed for bicyclists and skateboarders, allows users of all ages to propel themselves through the course using a pumping motion rather than pedaling or pushing. This also makes it a great space that is accessible for all ability types. This not only provides a fantastic workout but also offers a unique way to enjoy time outdoors!

Over in the Cityscape community, another example of Mattamy Homes' dedication to enhancing resident lifestyles shines through.

Sarah Fulford, Marketing Manager, says, "There was an area by the sales centre that would not be used until the community is complete, so with feedback from homeowners we learned there was a desire for a basketball court. We put in a temporary one for the community. That is the power we have. We own the land so can make the changes and listen to the community to improve their living areas and green spaces. The kid that wanted the court was taken out to be the first to shoot hoops on it."

Mattamy's ability to pivot based on homeowner feedback is further illustrated in the community of Cityscape, where large picnic tables were augmented with benches for smaller groups upon realizing the residents' preferences.

"Not what you expect; more than you expect. As a builder and developer, we can create the communities we want,” reiterates Fulford.

Across various communities, Mattamy Homes continues to introduce amenities like tobogganing hills, skate parks, dog parks, soccer fields, and even a pickleball court in the future. These features are carefully chosen to accommodate the hobbies and interests of homeowners, ensuring there is something for everyone. By listening to the residents and adapting spaces to meet their needs, Mattamy not only enriches the physical environment but strengthens the communal bond, making their communities more than just a place to live.

With new phases being released and new lots becoming available, potential homeowners are encouraged to revisit these communities. For those who have previously considered Mattamy Homes, it's an opportunity to see the evolutions and enhancements made to suit homeowners' needs even better.

Mattamy Homes is far more than a home builder, but a creator of communities where residents’ needs, wants, and lifestyles are thoughtfully considered. Through innovative amenities like the pump track at Southwinds and the basketball court at Cityscape, coupled with a keen responsiveness to resident feedback, Mattamy Homes crafts spaces that offer much more than shelter—they offer a full and well rounded place to call home.

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