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Visionary Grooming: Where Every Pet is Treated Like Family

Visionary Grooming, owned & operated by Sherry Webb, stands out not just for its exceptional grooming services but also for its commitment to creating a safe, calm, and loving environment for every pet that walks through its doors.

Services, which can be booked online for customer convenience.  Visionary Grooming services include single and dual dog grooming for dogs of all sizes,( including extra-large breeds), nail trims, and a doggy treadmill. Sherry works with the pet owners closely and will make recommendations when things just feel off. "As pet groomers, we often have our hands all over your furry friends. If a pet flinches or yelps due to discomfort, or if we feel bumps or cysts in uncommon locations, we inform the owners. Each pet and situation are unique, and sometimes we recommend consulting their veterinarian," says Webb.

“In one instance I was able to point out an issue that turned out to be cancer for the dog,” she shares. “With prompt attention from the dog’s owner, they consulted their veterinarian office and the cancer was remediated, and the dog was saved.” This underscores the importance of professional grooming for more than just aesthetics. Grooming is also part of the animal’s health routine.

Webb's love for animals is the foundation of Visionary Grooming. "I have been a groomer since I was 15 years old," she shares. Her passion isn’t limited to grooming; she also breeds, shows, and owns Chow Chows under the kennel name Visionary Chow. This deep connection to animals drives the philosophy behind her business.

What further sets Visionary Grooming apart? It's Webb’s belief in treating each pet with care and respect.

"We don’t believe in muzzling. We invite you to come as you are," she says, emphasizing a policy that ensures a stress-free experience for pets.

The salon offers a one-on-one experience, scheduling one family at a time for an excellent and safer grooming service. Significantly, cats receive exclusive attention on Sundays, ensuring no cats and dogs are in the building simultaneously, catering to the unique needs of each species.

Stay updated with Visionary Grooming’s incredible work and adorable clients by following them on Facebook. Their profile showcases the love and dedication that go into every grooming session. Additionally, you can view heartwarming transformations and success stories on their page, such as this inspiring post.

Choosing Visionary Grooming means supporting a local business that goes above and beyond for every pet and their family. It's more than just a grooming service; it's a place where pets are treated with love, respect, and professional care, ensuring a positive experience for both pets and owners.

Experience the difference of personalized, compassionate grooming by booking your pet's next grooming session at Visionary Grooming. Your furry friend deserves the best, and at Visionary Grooming, the best is what they get.

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