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County must do a better job communicating

Re: "Residents concerned about freedom of speech after cease and desist order," March 16.

Dear editor, I have requested information regarding the Cease and Desist order from the County, to which Mr. Coon did respond. His responses to me demonstrate that the flow of information and transparency is not, in fact, what he claims in this article. While I do feel able to contact the County, I do not feel confident that the answers will be forthcoming, illuminating or transparent, which only creates increased frustration with the County. My request for information on the additional questions asked by the Task Force was met with vague and confusing answers ranging from a simple acknowledgement that he has communicated with the Task Force, to dealing with the problem via the media. He has also indicated to me that it is not the responsibility of the County to disclose the contents of the cease and desist letter and that the media is becoming frustrated with the ongoing issue. Imagine how residents who are trying to get a clear and informed answer feel. Mr. Coon has referenced "lots of places where people can get information" but when asked, provided only one article from the Calgary Herald on Feb 3, claiming it is not an issue of freedom of speech. While he acknowledges in your article that the County’s efforts and methods have been ineffective, since "clearly there are people out there who are unaware of a great deal of this information," he has not been overly accommodating in helping this resident find that information. I firmly believe that if the County is aware that its best efforts to communicate the heck out of a "whole myriad of different issues" and "address community concerns" still cause residents to remain confused, unaware and misinformed, then the onus is on the County to make additional attempts to inform the residents. I would be more satisfied with that approach, rather than some vague comments sent to appease a single resident. Lori Sedgwick


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