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'Disappointing tactics' by sanctioned councillors


Dear Editor,

I was taken aback when I went to cast my ballot in the federal election, and there at the polling stations was a group with a petition representing the sanctioned three councillors. "Sign it," they pleaded, "so we can get Municipal Affairs to investigate the situation in Rocky View. These councillors aren’t allowed in the building, they can’t do their jobs, we have nobody to represent us.”

What a bunch of malarkey. It’s bad enough that these three are continuing this ridiculous charade, but setting up at a polling station to spread mistruths sets an all-time low.

There is absolutely nothing preventing the three from doing their jobs. They were sanctioned for breaking their own code of conduct, and the sanctions will be removed if they apologize like grown adults.

Alberta is at a crossroads. We are at a pivotal time in our history. We can’t get our product to market, the east doesn’t care and federation as we know it is teetering on the brink. But Couns. Kevin Hanson, Samanntha Wright and Crystal Kissel are more preoccupied with whining to Municipal Affairs because they can’t get their way with the seemingly much more level-headed councillors.

Good grief. The federal election results were bad enough, but the antics of these three and their supporters added to the bitter taste on election night. We can do better.

Perry Poropat

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