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Happy with council's rejection of straight flag

Dear Editor

I was very glad to hear Airdrie City council rejected the request from “It’s Great to be Straight” to fly the group’s flag at city hall. The group’s letter to council starts with the statement, “Straight people are an oppressed majority.” That statement is an insult to all marginalized groups who have faced prejudice, hate, fear, insults and discrimination.

I’m not only talking about the Pride community, but all other groups that have been afraid to be who they are – African Canadians, Aboriginals, Muslims, and so on.

It was just 50 years ago last week that same-sex sexual activity was made lawful. Prior to that, a person could have been arrested, fined or jailed for being gay.

I would like to ask members of the “It’s Great to be Straight” group, were any one of you made fun of, assaulted or arrested for being straight? Has any one from this group been taken from their homes and placed in a residential school, made to sit at the back of a bus or had their place of worship attacked?

It is unfortunate society has made mistakes in the past but, recognizing those, we are now trying to make up for it by celebrating and embracing diversity in race and sexuality.

The “It’s Great to be Straight” group got it wrong – they are not an oppressed majority, and should be very grateful that they never were.

Leon Cygman



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