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Letter 'crossed the line'

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RE: "Councillor ‘blatantly, defiantly’ flouts council rules," letter, Jan. 21.

Dear Editor,

While I usually find Louise Locke’s letter questionable, I really think this one crossed the line.

She browbeats Coun. Samantha Wright, accusing her of lacking decorum and civility. That’s OK, she is entitled to her opinion and this is a democracy. What upset me was her hypocrisy – her own letter completely lacks both civility and decorum.

Locke presents herself as a concerned resident who is worried about Rocky View County’s (RVC) future with people like Wright in office, but fails to mention her close ties with Rocky View 2020 (RV2020) – the lobby group representing large landowners and developers who want to control development in the County. She holds up former councillor Eric Lowther as superior – not surprisingly, since he used to run RV2020.

To see the conflict, you don’t have to look further than RV2020’s recent email. It supports the new motion from Couns. Jerry Gautreau and Al Schule to place a moratorium on off-site levies to stimulate growth.

Here’s the catch, according to RVC’s own documents, more than 90 years of growth has already been approved. Harmony can build out to 10,000 and Glenbow Ranch another 15,000. Langdon can grow to 13,000 from its current 5,000. So, where else does RVC need more development? And, who will be on the hook for the costs if the developers don’t pay levies?

Wright cares about residents – she speaks truth to power. She brings up issues other councillors would rather not hear – things that get in the way of Locke and RV2020. It’s not surprising Locke attacks Wright at any opportunity.

Should Wright be disqualified? If she should be, certainly Schule should be as well. It’s inconceivable the council majority went after Wright and not Schule. As it stands, I must agree with last week’s editorial – this is a witch hunt to discredit Wright. Just another example of bullying from the majority.

Maria Wallace

Division 3

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