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RVC resident pleased with property taxes

Dear Editor,

As a Rocky View County (RVC) resident and taxpayer, June 30 is a date etched in my memory as the date our property taxes must be paid to avoid penalties. 

This year, hearing horror stories from friends in Calgary, I expected the worst when I opened the envelope from RVC. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see the number was roughly the same as last year. In fact, as I pondered further, I recalled our taxes have not moved much for the last several years.

I never thought I would write a Letter to the Editor with a positive tone on the subject of taxes. At the same time, one should not neglect to commend a great job. 

Furthermore, while the County has maintained the line regarding property taxes, it has replaced the tiny RVC office in Calgary with an excellent office we can all be proud of. I have had the pleasure of dealing with some of the staff and found them to be friendly, responsive and helpful. From the outside looking in, it appears our municipal government is doing a great job. 

Bruce Hanson


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