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Summer drag racing needs to be stopped

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to Airdrie City council.

Now that summer is upon us, the nightly drag races on Yankee Valley Boulevard between Main and Eighth Streets are well underway – much to the chagrin of any resident within earshot. I offer here a few suggestions on how to deal with this nightly noise pollution.

With the addition of a few kilos of asphalt, the actions of our Mario-Andretti-wannabes could be severely curtailed by speed humps. It works in Mexico; however, here in Canada, it would probably not be so successful as our low-slung sports car crowd would probably be looking for their mufflers in no time at all. Besides, most folks here would find it annoying even at legal speeds.

Many communities in Canada have installed radar cameras at intersections where folks regularly run red lights or speed. The remote nannies would no doubt generate a significant amount of revenue for our City’s coffers. However, there are logistical issues at play here that would require the addition of new bylaws and the hiring of people to monitor and maintain the cameras.

If council doesn’t like those ideas, the boulevard on this stretch of road is wide enough to accommodate the construction of lay-bys at about the halfway mark. This would provide a safe and secure location for law enforcement vehicles to park – whether it’s a speed camera vehicle, Peace Officer or RCMP vehicle. The cost would be minimal, require no additional bylaws, or hiring of additional personnel. Enforcement could just park there and watch how the traffic slows down. Heck, I’d even be willing to pull in there, put on my mirror shades and point my wife’s hair dryer at speeders.

However the city acts to address this continuing issue, I’m sure they’ll make the correct decision. Fingers crossed.

William Becker

Cooper’s Crossing


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