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Kelsey Brockway’s inspiring dedication to volunteering and business success

Kelsey Brockway has been named Best Airdrie Citizen in this year’s Best of Airdrie Readers’ Choice Awards
The Best Airdrie Citizen in this year’s Best of Airdrie Readers’ Choice Awards is business co-owner and prominent local volunteer Kelsey Brockway.

Kelsey Brockway's selfless and committed efforts have led to a success story that deserves telling.

Her inspiring dedication to volunteering serves as a shining example for others to follow and make a difference in their own communities.

Brockway has been named Best Airdrie Citizen in this year’s Best of Airdrie Readers’ Choice Awards for her remarkable community involvement. She has done amazing things to help the community while also managing the successful family business, Brockway’s Automotive with her husband Scott.

The well-deserved recognition is a testament to Brockway's positive influence in the city.

“There were a lot of amazing people in that category. I'm shocked and surprised,” Brockway said. “I just like to help and be there as much as I can.”

Despite her surprised reaction and mixed feelings about being recognized for her efforts, Brockway said she wants to continue striving to help others.

Brockway not only volunteers with various organizations such as the ‘Business Club of Airdrie’ and ‘100 Airdrie Women Who Care’, but also runs a weekly female-only three-on-three hockey league to encourage more women to try out the sport. She is passionate about growing the female hockey community in Airdrie.

“It's just to get females out there trying hockey – we get a lot of ringette girls coming out,” Brockway said.

Through her unwavering dedication to volunteering, she has successfully inspired her own children to actively participate in various youth volunteer organizations as well.

“They're super excited. I think they see how much volunteering I do, and they kind of want to get involved as well now,” she said.

Brockway said volunteering brings her a greater sense of fulfillment than making money because she sees the positive impact it has on others. Her inspiring perspective encourages those around her to consider the value of giving back to their communities.

After more than 10 years of their business operating in Calgary, Brockway and her husband Scott decided to open their shop in Airdrie in 2020.

Despite the challenges of starting a business during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brockway and her husband showed grit and determination to overcome every obstacle that came their way.

“We knew it was going to be difficult,” Brockway said. “It cost us an extra two months to open, just because of all the delays”.

Even with pandemic-related restrictions causing a slow start, the Brockway team has managed to build up the same great reputation that people in Calgary still remember.

Brockway’s Automotive has also been recognized as providing the best oil change, auto service and corporate sponsor place in this year’s Best of Airdrie Awards..

The family is currently trying to accommodate the high customer demand they are experiencing.

“We are looking for a place right now because we're so busy. We're booking a month out,” Brockway said.

Brockway's unwavering commitment to helping others, coupled with her long-term vision of opening another ice rink in the city one day, demonstrates her passion and determination to make a lasting impact on the Airdrie community.

“We'd like to open a service in Airdrie just to help because there's such a demand for ice,” Brockway said. “That's kind of like a long-term dream of ours.”

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